If you don't want to fail with a model change, you should buy the OnePlus 7T! You can buy the flagship with the strongest processing power and camera image quality for the 50,000 yen range

If you don't want to fail with a model change, you should buy the OnePlus 7T! You can buy the flagship with the strongest processing power and camera image quality for the 50,000 yen range

Smartphones have already become an integral part of people's lives. Mobile phones were originally just for making calls and sending emails, but since the switch from flip phones to smartphones, they have evolved and evolved, and now the game and camera functions have become more powerful than professional phones. At the same time, people's ideals are getting higher and higher. Even if you change to a new device, you will hear many negative opinions such as "slow operation" and "poor image quality of the camera".

I would like to recommend the smartphone "OnePlus 7T", which has the world's highest level of performance, to those who have "failed" with a model change even once. I can assure you that there is no smartphone app that does not work properly on this smartphone. This is because the score of Antutu proves the high performance approaching the world's best. There are still only a few smartphones in the world with Antutu scores over 500,000.

This is Antutu's TOP 10 ranking, which numerically shows the performance of smartphones in the global market. Here the score of OnePlus 7T is displayed as "493298". This is the second highest figure in the world.

However, here is the score that I actually measured using the actual machine (OnePlus 7T on the right). Much higher than published figures. This is because the manufacturer OnePlus can further improve the performance with updates. This method is impossible unless it is a manufacturer with technical and development capabilities. The overwhelming difference between OnePlus and cheap manufacturers is ant here.

The latest model OnePlus 7T from such a strong manufacturer surpasses even the performance of the latest iPhone. The high performance of the iPhone 11 is in the processing speed part. However, the display speed is 60Hz and the resolution is HD, so the performance cannot be fully utilized. Of course, the processing speed is not inconvenient for playing games, but the display is a disappointing specification. The OnePlus 7T has the same performance as the iPhone 11, but the screen display is 90Hz. The game can be played in the most beautiful settings and of course the display is super smooth. This is the extent of the difference in smoothness between 90Hz and 60Hz. OnePlus 7T with 90Hz on the left. And OnePlus 7 with 60Hz on the right.

You can see that the OnePlus 7T can recognize information firmly even if it moves quickly. For games, etc., this is continuous because it keeps moving. The feeling of immersion and how your eyes get tired will be greatly different. The OnePlus 7T also has the strongest speaker sound, so you'll feel the difference when it comes to immersion. Once you play PUBG on your OnePlus 7T, you can never go back to your iPhone.

The OnePlus 7T has the world's top-class specs, such as a 90Hz display in addition to the processing power of the iPhone 11, so depending on how you do it, you can set a price of 100,000 or more. But this manufacturer doesn't do that. Because it does not, in India, the second largest market in the world, it has acquired the top share in the flagship model segment, far surpassing Samsung and Apple.

Word of mouth that evaluates its high quality and performance is gradually spreading in Japan, but unfortunately it is not the ratio of India. OnePlus has always focused on quality. The number of production is also small compared to other manufacturers. The current situation is that when production is completed, it is taken to India.

Antutu's benchmark exceeds 500,000, reaching a level comparable to the latest iPhone. The "OnePlus 7T" is a dream-like device that has the same performance as the iPhone and is about half the price. The reason why we are able to maintain such a low price and high quality is that we do not use advertising expenses, we do not acquire unnecessary standards, we thoroughly reduce costs, and we use high-spec parts.

However, such a premium model is urgently in stock with a limit of 50 units! It's an instant kill level quantity, but you can definitely buy it in real time! The following two models have arrived. The 128GB model was the first to switch from the "reserve" button to the "buy now" button, but finally the most popular 256GB model also switched to "buy now"! This is a premonition of a rush!

Moreover, regarding the above model, by using the super-limited coupon distributed in this article (the number of regular coupons for the 256GB model has reached a limited number, and an additional coupon has been issued), the price is greatly reduced. Of course shipping tax is included! No money will be made beyond this amount.

Once the stock runs out, the next arrival is undecided. Don't miss it!

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  • 8 OnePlus 7T's 'triple camera' captures three worlds in a moving way
  • 9 OnePlus 7T gets both hardware and software updates
  • 10 OnePlus 7T supports the latest charging technology "Warp Charge 30T"
  • 11 The OnePlus 7T's design is thin and sturdy. and new
  • 12 OnePlus 7T's OS evolves for greater comfort and speed
  • The OnePlus 7T has the best processing power, the best camera quality, and the best looking

    First, the OnePlus 7T. A company called OnePlus makes only the best smartphones. It belongs to the category of "flagship model". In terms of car manufacturers, it's like "only F1 is made". And because it's still in business, and it's selling well, OnePlus continues to produce top-performing smartphones.

    The OnePlus 7T, the latest model of OnePlus, is of course equipped with the best parts and the best system. What happens when you combine the best parts and systems, it is returned to the user as overwhelming processing power. Anyone can easily know the high processing power by using the benchmark measurement software called Antutu. It's like a "Scouter" in Dragon Ball that can know the opponent's combat power. If you want to know the processing power of your smartphone, search for "Antutu" on Google Play and enter it. By the way, the fighting power of OnePlus 7T is here.

    Android smartphones with Antutu scores over 500,000 are almost zero at the moment. And its high score is comparable to the latest iPhone. In other words, the OnePlus 7T is guaranteed to have the highest level of performance among all smartphones in the world. In addition, OnePlus repeatedly optimizes the system with OS updates, so performance improves each time. Antutu's benchmark, which was 480,000 when I bought it, now exceeds 500,000. It also has the potential to rise further in the future. There are many manufacturers who only make devices and do not update them, so there is a big difference between those manufacturers and OnePlus after purchasing.

    And another important factor in choosing a smartphone is "camera image quality". The camera image quality is also published on the site "DxOMark". However, there are pros and cons to the score, as scores are not posted for terminals that DxOMark does not measure. After all, the best thing is to actually refer to the image taken with the smartphone. I actually own and shoot a OnePlus 7T. Unprocessed of course. Since the skill of the camera is also an amateur, it may be just right for reference level.

    At least, I've taken photos with many other smartphones so far, and the OnePlus 7T's camera quality feels very good. It has excellent AI performance, so when shooting in auto, it is good at rendering colors that people like. There aren't many cameras that can convey what you want to convey the moment you see a picture, such as "food looks delicious" or "cold places look cold". Images taken with a digital camera usually require post-processing such as Photoshop. In the case of OnePlus 7T, the color adjustment is done in an instant, so no processing is required.

    The OnePlus update not only improves processing speed, but also improves camera performance. The content is based on opinions from users in the official community, so it is not a one-sided decision by the manufacturer. "Macro shooting" and "wide-angle video shooting" are also functions that are not installed in the previous model.

    Pursuing the highest quality from the user's point of view makes it possible to meet the user's needs as much as possible while suppressing unnecessary development costs. The more high-quality users we have, the more we can grow as a manufacturer.

    Such a super user-first excellent manufacturer OnePlus has a very high design sense. My first purchase under the OnePlus brand was the OnePlus 7. At the beginning, the purpose was to check whether the rumored high performance was real. However, as soon as I opened the package, I fell in love with its design rather than its performance. It is completely different from the rendered image. And in a good way. I don't think it's linguistically appropriate, but it's completely "Gap Moe".

    機種変で失敗したくなければOnePlus 7Tを買うべきだ!処理能力もカメラ画質も最強なフラッグシップが5万円台で買える

    I liked it so much that the OnePlus 7 became my main device straight away. The level of performance is beyond my expectations. And after using the OnePlus 7, I am convinced that I will never use it as my main device other than the flagship model again.

    However, I got so caught up in it that I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find the next device I wanted to use. I like gadgets to the level of writing blogs, so if I use the same device for a long time, there will naturally be some negative effects. What should I do if I'm in trouble?

    However, it was the successor to the OnePlus 7, the OnePlus 7T, that shattered that anxiety. Smartphones are always exposed to the public when you go out, so I personally want to be particular about the design. There may be people who think that ``if only the performance is good'' or ``if only the design is good'', I want both. It's stressful to use a smartphone that only looks good.

    The OnePlus 7 was the best of both, and the OnePlus 7T surpassed the OnePlus 7 in both performance and design. The gap moe with the rendered image was OnePlus 7 or higher.

    In order to bring out this texture, many processes are added during production. As much effort has been put into it, not only does it look great, but it also feels great when you hold it in your hand. And the taste, which until now was rather more masculine, has changed to an androgynous one with an exquisite balance. Rather than a change, this is a complete evolution.

    A general term for models that support the languages ​​of the world. Of course, it also supports Japanese. The Google play store can also be used normally in Japan. In Japan, the UI design is customized by each company, but the global model has a very simple and stylish design. It feels like "Mujirushi Ryohin" when it comes to miscellaneous goods. It is highly recommended for those who are not good at the design that has been done.

    OnePlus terminals are strong in Japanese radio waves anyway. It supports full band and can be used in the same way as terminals sold in Japan. It can't be the same. It can be used more than domestic terminals.

    docomo line: ◎ Softbank (Ymobile) line: ◎ au line: 〇 (Separate settings may be required for calls/communications on the au line or may not be available)

    Gearbest OnePlus 7T Price List

    Gearbest is one of the easiest places to buy global models. We have popular gadgets from all over the world, and there are many regular customers in Japan. In addition, there is a person in charge who understands Japanese, and it comes with a one-year repair warranty, so there is a sense of security that is not much different from purchasing in Japan. A Japanese-only page has also been opened, making shopping even easier.

    * If the shipping fee is displayed as high, it is because the delivery destination is set as a "remote location" and the transfer fee is included. By changing the delivery address, the shipping cost may be significantly reduced, so please give it a try. In addition, you can track the package by number, so you can grasp the delivery status.

    Buy OnePlus 7T on Gearbest

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    OnePlus 7T 8GB/256GB のクーポンコードをコピーする

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    Banggood is one of the easiest places to buy gadgets from overseas. There is a person in charge who understands Japanese, and it comes with a one-year repair warranty, so it's not much different from buying in Japan. A Japanese-only page has also been opened, making shopping even easier.

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    OnePlus 7T 8GB/128GB のクーポンコードをコピーする

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    OnePlus 7T 8GB/128GB のクーポンコードをコピーする

    Buy OnePlus 7T 8GB/128GB

    OnePlus 7T 8GB/256GB のクーポンコードをコピーする

    Buy OnePlus 7T 8GB/256GB

    OnePlus 7T is such a smartphone

    The OnePlus 7T's 'Fluid Display' has the latest technology

    The OnePlus 7T display supports 90Hz organic EL high-speed display. The technology of the display made for the top model OnePlus 7 Pro has been inherited with a large amount of development costs. The slimy feeling when scrolling the screen quickly or playing a game that supports high-speed display is impressive. Oxygen OS has been updated and optimized for high-speed displays, further improving operability. Smooth movements also help reduce eye fatigue.


    Supports a wide dynamic range with the latest HDR+ support. Black is jet black. By generating pure white, an overwhelmingly vivid and beautiful world spreads on the screen of the OnePlus 7T. Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, etc. are distributing a lot of HDR content, so you can look forward to watching videos many times more.

    The fingerprint authentication sensor installed in the display of OnePlus 7T has been updated to the latest one. It is a next-generation model with an improved algorithm. In addition to improving security, the unlocking speed has also been increased.

    The maximum brightness of the OnePlus 7T is an amazing 1000nit. Information can be clearly recognized even under direct sunlight. In addition, the blue light reduction function has been certified by TÜV Rheinland (Germany), the 7th largest certification service organization in the world. The extreme blue light reading mode takes your eye health seriously.

    OnePlus 7T's 'triple camera' captures three worlds in a moving way

    The ultra-wide-angle camera can be used for both photography and video recording. Until the previous OS, the wide-angle camera did not support video shooting, but it was realized due to strong user requests. One button switches to 117° wide-area shooting. You can record group shots of a large number of people and the superb view that spreads out in front of you. Wider shooting range.


    "Nightscape mode" enables hand-held shooting even in places with little light. ] In addition to the main camera, it also supports an ultra-wide-angle camera. Make the gem of light that spreads all over the area a piece of memory. An overwhelmingly wide dynamic range enables clear depiction with little noise.

    Thanks to the newly installed telephoto camera, the OnePlus 7T can now choose between two focal lengths, wide-angle and telephoto, when shooting in portrait mode, which blurs the background beautifully. By changing the focal length, the atmosphere of the photograph changes greatly.

    Enhanced software and more intelligent functions with AI. Achieves breathtaking imagery even in low-light locations. Even difficult scenes in backlight or at dusk are recorded with amazing clarity.

    With the newly added macro shooting mode, it is possible to shoot as close as 2.5 cm to the subject. A macroscopic new world awaits you that is difficult to see with the naked eye.

    The biggest feature of optical zoom is that it does not degrade image quality unlike digital zoom. The OnePlus 7T features a 2x optical zoom, so you can bring distant subjects closer and sharper.

    The OnePlus 7T front camera has electronic image stabilization. Real-time smooth video distribution is possible even when using streaming distribution or video chat. In addition, a portrait mode that blurs the background when taking selfies by algorithm analysis is also adopted.

    OnePlus 7T gets both hardware and software updates

    Soc is equipped with the Snapdragon 855 clock-up model "Snapdragon 855 Plus". CPU and GPU performance has improved, and graphic rendering processing capacity has improved by 15%. 3D games and video playback can now be performed more comfortably.

    By installing a large vibration motor, intuitive operability during character input and game play is improved. Games are more dynamic than ever, and characters are easier to type.

    The storage standard installed in OnePlus 7T is the world's fastest UFS 3.0. Compared to the previous standard UFS 2.0, the data transfer speed is doubled. Furthermore, if you use the ROM boost function, you can efficiently optimize the memory usage that increases with use. Improve the performance of each application.

    The dual stereo speakers installed in the OnePlus 7T support Dolby Atmos®. The sound is sharp, the voice is easy to hear, and the sound is well-balanced, three-dimensional, and full of presence.

    The OnePlus 7T's Fnatic mode was co-developed with a world-famous eSports team. Blocks all incoming calls and messages during game play. Optimize your network and focus all of your system performance on the game for the best gameplay experience.

    OnePlus 7T supports the latest charging technology "Warp Charge 30T"

    Warp Charge 30T, a proprietary ultra-fast charging technology used in OnePlus 7T. The charging speed is 23% faster than before, and it takes only 30 minutes to complete charging from 0 to 70%.

    With other fast-charging technologies, trying to fast-charge while gaming will overheat your device and save charging speed. The OnePlus 7T combined with the Warp Charge 30T won't overheat when you fast charge while gaming.

    The Warp Charge 30T used in the OnePlus 7T can not only be charged at a fast speed. Power management and heat dissipation are done in the adapter, not in the phone itself, so very little heat reaches the body.

    The OnePlus 7T's design is thin and sturdy. and new

    Our uniquely developed matte frosted glass offers a new way of showing glass materials that has never been seen before. Its elegant and calm atmosphere, minimalist and sophisticated design will enhance the sense and status of the person who wears it, regardless of age or gender.

    OnePlus 7T's OS evolves for greater comfort and speed

    A fast and sophisticated OS, that is "OxygenOS 10". The amazingness of this OS can be realized immediately by actually using a OnePlus terminal. Compared to smartphones with the same specs, OnePlus' operating speed is overwhelmingly faster because of its superior OS performance. With the OnePlus 7T, you'll have unparalleled optimization capabilities and the latest sleek visual design.