[This Pochi] If you buy "Fire HD 10 Plus" for children, you've used it more than a child.

[This Pochi] If you buy "Fire HD 10 Plus" for children, you've used it more than a child.

Fire HD 10 Plus tablet 10.1 inch HD display 64GB

 【これポチ】子ども用に「Fire HD 10 Plus」を買ったらなぜか子どもよりも自分がガッツリ使ってしまっている話

A special edition of the year -end of the project, "I recently recently pochi" ("this Pochi"), a project that listens to the experiences related to "good things to buy" from various people.Looking back on 2021, I asked the reporters of the Netorabo editorial department, "I'm glad I bought this year."This time is "Fire HD 10 Plus" which was good to buy by the deputy editor -in -chief, Ikeya.[See the image] What was good to buy in 2021

Amazon Tablet, which is a substitute for iPad mini for 20,000 yen

で す ね Please tell us the opportunity to purchase.It is a routine to fall asleep while reading on the iPad mini at night, but as the child grows (now 2 and a half years old), I want to touch my dad's iPad, and when I want to use it.Where is the iPad! ??So I decided to buy a cheap tablet and make it a decoy ...──Isn't, how did the strategy work?After all, the iPad is used by a child and I read it on Fire HD 10 Plus before going to bed.How did this happen.─ I was listening while thinking that it would probably happen.However, this is enough for reading and watching videos, and I was fortunate that there was no particular inconvenience even if I used it myself.For the time being, it might have been nice to have the top model "Plus" in anticipation of what you would use.The old Fire tablet had the image that the processing was not good enough, but here it moves slimy.── Certainly, considering the performance, cospa looks good.I bought it on Black Friday, so I didn't cost 20,000 yen, but I think cospa is pretty good because it can be used enough as an iPad mini that is more than three times.One thing to keep in mind is that unlike other Android tablets, you can only use the app on the Amazon dedicated store.There are generally major places such as Kindle or Netflix, but for example, you can't use a normal YouTube app, so you'll have to browse it from a browser.There are also detours, so it is recommended for those who can understand and use it, or for those who think that this is not a problem and OK at all.