[2021 version! Mobile carrier thorough comparison] Where is the best deal if you join with a couple?

[2021 version! Mobile carrier thorough comparison] Where is the best deal if you join with a couple?

Many people unify the mobile company with the couple after marriage, and think "more profitable ...!"? However, many mobile brands have appeared in recent years, and which one to choose.It's annoying.This time, for newlyweds, we will thoroughly explain the characteristics of each mobile brand and points to be aware of at the time of change.

* Information is as of November 10, 2021.

Be careful with such a person! Checkpoint before the change

A [Family Discount Service "is applied by a family contracting with the same mobile phone company or brand.Unification of careers and brands at home, such as increasing the discount amount according to the number of people, may be significantly reduced.In addition, if you get married and live in the same house, you can get a discount on fixed broadband lines and power services.

However, in some cases, these discount applications cannot be said to be a great deal.Because around the spring of 2021, if the mobile company has already used them, such as providing low -priced price plans and launching new brands that can be used by smartphones at low prices, if you are already using them.There are cases where it can be cheaper than using it.

For example, Rakuten Un-Limit VI of Rakuten Mobile and "Povo 2" provided by KDDI.."0" can be used from 0 yen per month, so it can be used at a low price depending on the device.If the couple both are satisfied with using such plans, you will not have to force them to move to other services.

It is also necessary to pay attention to those who have already applied their parents and family discount services.If you change the company, the discount will be canceled, and your parent's telephone charges may be higher.When changing the service, it is necessary to check whether to assemble with a couple or continue to discount with parents.

Thorough comparison of brands

Now, let's compare each company mainly on brands with family discounts.

1."NTT DOCOMO" Family discount NO.1! Proper including parents and siblings

NTT DOCOMO has the most fulfilling family discount service."Family Discount" is within the 3rd parent (for families such as grandparents, Mei, and uncles), and if you have contracted for the target plan, you can build up to 20 lines as one group.Domestic calls within the group are free.

Furthermore, if you subscribe to the NTT DOCOMO specified price plan, such as the large -capacity plan "5G Gigaho Premier" and the small -capacity plan "5G Gigalite", you can apply two discounts to all family discounted groups.。

・ A service that allows you to receive discounts according to the number of groups of "Docomo Discount".If you are a target price plan, you can receive a discount of 1,100 yen per month for 2 lines, and if it is 3 or more, 1,100 yen per month.

・ If one person in the "DoCoMo Hikari" group has contracted a fixed broadband service specified, it will be discounted.If it is a large -capacity plan such as "5G Gigaho Premier", you can receive a discount of 1,100 yen per month, and a small -capacity plan such as 5G gigalight (at the time of "DOCOMO Hikari" fixed -rate plan contract).

Two couples form a group of family discounts and signed a fixed broadband line on a fixed -price plan for docomo light.In addition, if both of you have a large -capacity plan "5G Gigaho Premier", you can get a discount of 3,300 yen.In addition, if other families and relatives have NTT DOCOMO contractors, they can save 4,400 yen per month by adding them to the group.

2."AHAMO" If you have already applied your family discount in DoCoMo, a must -see

"Ahamo" is the same price plan for NTT DOCOMO and all online.Instead of paying support at docomo shops, 20GB high -speed data communication and 5 minutes flat -rate calls are possible at a low price of 2,970 yen per month.

There is no discount even if you have a couple's contract with AHAMO because it is characterized by its simple and cheap without discount.However, AHAMO is not a NTT DOCOMO sub -brand, but one of the price plans, so AHAMO users can be included in the NTT DOCOMO family discount group.In addition to being able to make domestic calls between the groups free, you can also add them as the target of "everyone DOCOMO discount", which is applied to the discount according to the number of people.

【2021年版!携帯キャリア徹底比較】夫婦で加入するならどこが1番お得? - 機種変しない方がいい人は?

For example, if your husband and your father are already building NTT DOCOMO's family discount and your wife contracts AHAMO, you should add your wife to a family discount group and discount your husband's monthly fee of 550 yen.I can.If you have NTT DOCOMO users in your family, you want to make effective use of AHAMO contracts.

3."Au" Families living together are eligible for discounts!

"Family discount" can be applied to the large -capacity price plan "Unlimited MAX" and "Pitat Plan", which changes the fixed rate according to the data usage.The content is the same as NTT DOCOMO, and domestic calls between families are free.You can register up to 10 lines.

Furthermore, the discount service called "Family Discount Plus" and "au Smart Value" can be used together with family members.

・ A service that discounts monthly charges according to the number of families that can be discounted according to the number of families.You can receive a discount of 1,100 yen per month for 2 or more of the family's line and three or more.(Up to 10 lines) However, the scope of the "family" that is subject to the family discount is narrow, lives in the same address, and can prove the family relationship.

・ A discount service that applies if you contract a fixed broadband service specified by the specified broadband contract.A discount of 1,100 yen per month for the large -capacity plan "Unused MAX" and a small capacity "Pitat Plan" is 550 yen per month (when using 1GB or more).

The applicable conditions for the advantageous "Family Discount Plus" are stricter than other companies, but may be applied to families who meet specific conditions or apply campaigns.If you want to apply to a separate marriage or parents and siblings living away, we recommend that you check it at the au shop once.

4."UQ Mobile" The amount of communication of the smartphone is small x a couple who wants to make an Internet contract

Similarly, one of the KDDI communication service brand, "UQ Mobile", has a smaller communication capacity than au, but has plans for those who want to use it at a lower price.If it is the cheapest "Kurikoshi Plan S+5g", the communication volume is 3GB, but it can be used very low at 1,628 yen per month.

・ “Home set discount” is a mechanism that discounts the fee for the family, “Home Set Discount”, which discounts the fee in connection with the family.This is a mechanism in which the monthly fee is discounted if you subscribe to the specified power service or the specified fixed broadband line.

If the home set discount is applied, the discount of 780 yen will be made for the "Kurikoshi Plan S+5g" above, and the "Kurikoshi Plan L+5G" (3,480 yen per month) with a communication amount of 25GB (3,480 yen per month).At 2,970 yen per month, the same price as AHAMO, 5GB of traffic can be used.By the way, the home set discount can be applied to one person regardless of the number of family members, so it may be good to remember that it can be used before marriage.

5.Recommended for couples who use "SoftBank" large capacity

Like NTT DOCOMO and au, there is a "family discount" where discounts are applied according to the number of family members.The content is free for calls and emails between families, so it is possible to form a group up to 10 lines.

The conditions are attractive for a cohabitation couple who is engaged because they can prove the relationship and marriage relationship regardless of where they live or the number of parents, or if they can live in the same address.

・ Discounts are applied according to the number of people who have contracted for the target price plan within the “New Family Discount” group.For example, if the number of contractors with the large -capacity plan "Scratched Unlimited" is 2 people, it is possible to receive more discounts than NTT DOCOMO and au for 1,210 yen per month for 3 or more people.

・ This service is applied by the specified fixed broadband line contract such as "House Discount Light Set" and "SoftBank Hikari". Large -capacity "Mrs. Reflection Unlimited" and small capacity "Mini Fit Plan+", etc. 1,100 yen per month.You can receive a discount.

The SoftBank brand originally tends to focus on large capacity plans.If you want to reduce the price even if the traffic is small, you may be able to move to Y -Mobile with a couple.

6.Recommended for couples with low communication charges

Y -Mobile is a low -priced brand in Softbank.The cheapest communication 3GB plan "Simple S" is 1,980 yen per month, perfect for two people who want to reduce the price.

Because the brand is different, SoftBank and Y -Mobile contractors cannot make family discounts.Therefore, it is necessary to unify the line on Y -Mobile.

・ The “family discount service” applied from the second and subsequent units is the same as SoftBank's family discount, and proof that you can prove the relationship and marriage relationship regardless of the location or parent, or that you live in the same address.OK if possible.Since a discount of 1,188 yen per month can be received, if the "simple S" plan has a small capacity, it can be used at 2,970 yen per month for a "simple L" plan with a communication amount of 25GB.

However, since the family discount service is applied only after the second line, only one person can receive a discount when contracting alone.

・ If two couples are applied for a discount, if both of them want to receive a discount, a specified broadband line contract is required.If it is a broadband contract of "Home Discount Set (A)", it is recommended because everyone can receive the same amount of discount as the family discount service.

However, it is important to note that the applicable discount is limited to one of the "family discount services" or "Home Discount Set (A)".

What did you think.Since the characteristics of each company are different, please check carefully if you want to apply your family discount, including your parents, etc.

* Information is as of November 10, 2021.

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