Three wireless chargers recommended for Apple products.Charge the iPhone and Apple Watch!

Three wireless chargers recommended for Apple products.Charge the iPhone and Apple Watch!

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Each time the new device increases, the number of chargers increases, and if you notice, isn't the desk area full of codes?If you are an Apple user, the latest wireless charger for multi -device may solve that problem.Therefore, this time, we will introduce the best Apple Wireless charger, carefully selected by Wirecutter, a review specialty site!

Many of those who use the Apple ecosystem have multiple Apple products such as Apple Watch and AirPods as well as iPhone?If you want to charge the three at once, we recommend a wireless charging station for multi -devices.Among them, MOPHIE's 3-in-1wireless Charging Stand is recommended for those who use the iPhone 11 or earlier.Providing high -speed wireless charging for all Apple devices (excluding MacBook and iPad).The easy -to -use design that matches the price is also attractive.For those who use the iPhone 12 or later, we will also introduce products that support Magsafe charging and mount system, so please take a look.

Recommended NO.1st-integrated charging stand of 1: Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

3in1 charging stand optimal for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods that is not compatible with Magsafe.Outstanding ease of use, such as a stand -type iPhone charger, as well as a cotton for setting AirPods in the case.Apple Watch is also OK sideways and is ideal for using night stand mode and alarm function.

If you want to charge your iPhone (8 to 13), Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time, MOPHIE's 3-in-1wireless Charging Stand is the best item.As many chargers adopt a flat pad type, this is an angled stand type and easy to adjust.AirPods fits the case, and Apple Watch is ideal for night stand mode because the display can be placed sideways.The charging speed is also the fastest level for charging station without Magsafe, and in this price range, it is unmatched and has a well -balanced manner.

Recommended for iPhone 12 or later Magsafe-equipped charger: Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-In-1

The best charging stand for iPhone 12.This multi -device charger is an excellent stand that combines ease of use and appearance, and a speedy wireless charging function.Only the model of the iPhone 12 or later corresponds.

The Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-In-1 is equipped with a magsafe charging function of up to 15 W.The ease of use is outstanding during the test this time, and it is the best option for those who have the iPhone 12 series.The appearance is different from the flat pad and the stand, the original style of the iPhone "floats" on the porcelain mount.Because you hold your smartphone firmly with a magnet, you don't have to worry about it.The pillar of stainless steel is like a modern art sculpture.With AC adapter, you can use it immediately from the box.Even if a problem occurs in the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods due to charging, it is safe because it has a two -year warranty.

Compact and outstanding portability!: Apple Magsafe dual charging pad

The best charging station for those who have many travels and business trips.A super -portable charger for iPhone and Apple Watch, charging at the maximum speed of the iPhone.However, three units were charged at the same time.

If you use it as a night stand, you would like to charge three units at the same time, but if you value portability, the Apple Magsafe dual charging pad is recommended.It is so compact that it fits in the palm of the hand because it is folded.Equipped with MAGSAFE, the high -speed charging function of up to 14W is quite excellent compared to other multi -device wireless chargers.With the adoption of a magnetic charging system, there is no need to worry that the smartphone has shifted and cannot be charged!However, there are only two charging spots (for iPhone / AirPods case, for Apple Watch), and no power adapter is included.It costs about 2,000 yen for additional 20W adapters required for the fastest charging speed.

Disadvantages of wireless charger

The speed of the wireless charger is not a wired charging.By combining a low-cost wired 20W USB-PD charger with a USB-C-Lightning cable, it is possible to charge high-speed at 30 % more than the fastest wireless charging.Wireless is not a speed but an emphasis on convenience.

Another drawback of wireless charging is that you cannot use your smartphone while charging and use it.In that case, it is more suitable for charging when you are sleeping at night, or when you are sleeping at night, or when you only see the display in the kitchen or desk, rather than watching Netflix or scrolling Twitter.

To a new step with Apple "Magsafe Charging and Porcelain Mount System"

In the latter half of 2017, Apple announced the wireless charger AirPower.The Apple user was colored.A flat design charger is an excellent one that can charge not only iPhone but also Apple Watch and AirPods at once.It was supposed to be…, but Apple has withdrawn this project in 2019.

In 2020, Apple introduced Magsafe charging and porcelain mount system in the iPhone12 series lineup.Using the magnet inside the smartphone, we have achieved charging at a maximum of 15W that overwhelms 7w of other Qi charger.This magnet also has the role of "positioning", which prevents the situation that "the smartphone was out of order and could not be charged!"In addition to Magsafe, there are magnetic chargers, but they are still inferior to Magsafe in terms of speed.

Recommended number one third-ranked charging stand: MOPHIE 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

MOPHIE's 3-in-1wireless Charging Stand is the perfect option for those who want to charge the iPhone (8 to 13), Apple Watch, and AirPods for Qi wireless charging.Boasting a charging speed that is as good as other products, holding various devices with a stand -type smartphone holder and a cross -shaped depression.Device position adjustment is easy with a well -designed design.Apple Watch can also be placed horizontally, so it is convenient when used as an alarm clock.

When I tested a single device Qi charger, I felt that the smartphone was hard to shift and the screen was easy to see during charging, so the stand type was recommended for smartphone charging.Speaking of pioneers that incorporate a stand type in multi-device charging, MOPHIE 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand and Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock.The stand type is very convenient for using it every day, including at night and dark places.

On the right side of the smartphone charger, there is a cross -shaped depression that can place an Apple Watch charger and an AirPods (Pro) case on the left.In ordinary Qi charging stands, there are many things that place AirPods cases on a flat surface, and there is no sense of stability even if there is a depression, but this product does not have to worry about it because the case is perfect.

Apple Watch chargers are limited to those equipped with charging packs approved by the company, but this model of MOPHIE is a certified product.In other words, this Apple Watch charger provides the safety lined up in the first party.The band is OK whether it is closed or open.Both 40 mm and 44 mm are both fit, so you don't have to worry about turning over or falling even if you press the digital crown to turn off the alarm in the night stand mode.It is ease of use because it is designed carefully.

Speed is higher for single devices

In Wirecutter, I tested a multi -charging stand for many iPhone and Apple Watch, but there was no product lined up on the fastest single -device charging stand for charging speed.However, the multi -charging stand is assumed to be charged at night in the first place, so even if the charging speed is slightly inferior, it will not be so troublesome.By the way, in this product, the iPhone12 is about 26 % and 50 % in 1 hour.The Apple Watch SE charged 30% in 30 minutes and 50% in 1 hour.

MOPHIE 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand charging efficiency

iPhone 1226%50%
Apple Watch SE30%50%
AirPods Proワイヤレス充電ケース4%20%
AirPods Pro(充電ケース内)76%100%

The MOPHIE charger features a basic design.The rectangular body with a colon of about 20cm x 10cm is made of glossy black plastic.I am grateful that the bottom is made of rubber and it is hard to slip.There is no sense of weight of high quality materials, but no performance is hindered.The indicator light on the front is moderate brightness and disappears a few seconds after the start of charging.

The power cord to be inserted into the back is not a micro-USB or USB-C but a unique cylindrical code, so if you lose or break down, it will be troublesome to replace it.

Belkin, a MAGSAFE compatible product, is recommended for iPhone 12 or later.

When the iPhone 12 Pro with the Magsafe case was charged with this product, it was intermittent, so I contacted MOPHIE and found that it was a known issue in the 12 series.The company has already implemented a firmware update that solves the iPhone problem, and if there is a problem, it is necessary to contact the customer service to exchange it.In any case, if you are an iPhone 12 user, it seems better to get a Belkin charger.If you have already purchased Mophie and have such problems, please replace the replacement procedure.Until then, remove the magsafe case and use it.


Unlike other models, MOPHIE charger is a device used in combination of iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, so it is not possible to charge another smartphone in AirPods charging spots.

In addition, it is difficult to get fingerprints on the glossy surface.If you are worried, Logitech Powered 3-In-1 Dock or Belkin Boost Charge 3-In-1 Wireless Charger may be better.

Recommended stylish Magsafe charger for iPhone 12 or later: Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-In-1

If you have the iPhone12 series, we recommend Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-In-1 equipped with Magsafe.This is one of the first charger equipped with Apple's Magsafe, which is the best feature so far.There is no need to worry about the smartphone shifted, and it achieves the highest charge speed as a wireless charger, and above all, the appearance is fashionable.The price is almost the same as MOPHIE, and it comes with an AC adapter.The two -year warranty applies not only to chargers but also to connected devices.

Magsafe has two main benefits.Perfect positioning and high -speed charging of up to 15W.This product is officially licensed by Apple, so you can fully use its functions.In fact, a model without a license cannot be charged at full speed.

In many chargers, a smartphone is installed on a flat bad or an angled stand to cover the Qi charging coil, but the feature of Belkin is where the phone is held in the air.The magnet on both ends of the arm supports the smartphone and Apple Watch.The surface is made of circular rubber, and the combination with a metal material arm is like a modern architecture.The circular depression at the feet has a built -in wireless charging pad, and AirPods can be charged at the same time.The power is weak with 5W, but you can also put another smartphone.

If you use the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max or 12 mini in a caseless case (or Magsafe compatible case), there is no need to worry about the position, and you can change the direction while charging.Because the base is solid, even if you operate the smartphone while charging, the charger will not be grabbed, and the bottom is made of rubber, so you can do the operation to remove the iPhone from the charger with one hand.The same applies to the Apple Watch charging part and supports various bands.

At the moment, it is only this product (MOPHIE 3-in-1 is up to 7 to support the charging speed of 15W (MOPHIE 3-in-1) has been provided..Up to 5 W).However, the actual speed did not go to "double" as numbers, and in this test, I charged 58%of the iPhone 12 in 30 minutes to 33%average (MOPHIE is 26%respectively.50%).This is a level that is comparable to Apple genuine Magsafe accessories.

The Boost Charge Pro 3-IN-1 is not only enriched, but also has a sophisticated design.There are two types of colors, black and white, and all of them are matte -finished, so fingerprints do not stand out like MOPHIE.Tastes such as modern sculptures rather than high -tech equipment.If this design has a disadvantage, the indicator light is slightly brighter.If you can't sleep if you are dazzling, you may feel that it is a negative point.

Belkin's two -year warranty is applied not only to the charger itself but also to the connected device, and if damage occurs due to normal use, it covers up to $ 2,500 (about 280,000 yen) for repair and replacement costs.It will give me.It is really safe to have a wide range of warranty.

Compact and outstanding portability charger: Apple Magsafe dual charging pad

The stand type is convenient for charging beside the bed, but for those who have a lot of business trips and travel, Apple's Magsafe dual charging pad is recommended.This product is characterized by the smallest size feeling.When unused, it can be folded in half, so you can easily carry it in a bag or pocket.

At high speed charges for Apple's Magsafe charging system, iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 mini, 12 Pro Max.There is no need to worry about "you can't charge because of the misalignment" because it fixes the position with a magnet.There are two charging spots (iPhone and AirPods cannot be charged simultaneously), and it can be said that it is relatively expensive, given that the AC adapter is not included, but there is no other charger that is easy to carry.

A compact size that is different from the others, and the charging pad coated with soft touch rubber is a square of about 7 cm, respectively.When not in use, it is folded even smaller, so it is closed because it has a magnet.By the way, when folded, it is about the same size as a compact for makeup.The Magsafe -type smartphone charger on the left can be charged not only for smartphones but also for AirPods and Qi compatible devices.The right side is for Apple Watch, which supports both flat and night stand mode.

Another important function is Magsafe.Fix the position of the iPhone with a magnet and achieve high -speed charging than the conventional Qi charger (MOPHIE recommended products, etc.).The iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max supported up to 14W, and the iPhone 12 mini supported up to 12W, and the Wirecutter test was overwhelmingly faster than MOPHIE 3-in-1.When Apple Watch and iPhone 12 were charged at the same time, the iPhone12 could charge 34%in 30 minutes and 61%in one hour.Apple also sells a standalone Magsafe smartphone charger, but it is not a charging speed that exceeds the Magsafe dual charging pad.This charger can charge old iPhones and other Qi compatible devices, but features such as high -speed charging or magnetic attachments cannot be used.

The price of the MAGSAFE dual charging pad is usually about $ 130 (about 15,000 yen), but it does not include the price of the 20W adapter.You need an adapter to get the fastest charge speed, so if you purchase this accessory, it costs about $ 20 (about 2,300 yen), which is the same as other recommended products.

There is one less charging pad than others, so it may be doubtful that it is worth buying, but I can not imagine going on a trip with other chargers, so it is a little portable.Recommended for those who value it.

Introducing competitors!

Belkin Boost Charge 3-In-1 Wireless Charger used to be the number one recommended recommended, but although there is a hollow for AirPod charging cases, it is not in size and shape, so it is difficult to adjust the position.have become.Also, since the AirPods charging spot is just behind the Apple Watch charger, you must be careful not to hit AirPods if you wear a solo loop.

ESR HALOLOCK 2-in-1 Magnetic wireless charger is a flat pad type equipped with two charging spaces.One is a standard Qi charger, and the other is a magnetic type that holds an iPhone or case equipped with Magsafe.Since it is not a formal Magsafe charger, the speed is inferior to the Belkin or Apple model introduced, and it is equivalent to other third -party magnetic chargers.In this test, I charged iPhone 12 in 30 minutes and 48%in 1 hour.Since there is no Apple Watch spot, this guide did not rank higher, but it is a price of $ 30 (about 3,400 yen) with a 18 W USB-C power supply, so if you are worried, please check it out.。

The Zens Liberty Wireless Charger Glass Edition was the first wireless charger where you can put it anywhere. It is quite close to the performance that Apple initially provided by AirPower. It features a geometric design that can see 16 charging coils from a clear glass surface. Since two smartphones and other Qi compatible devices can be charged anywhere, the problem of placement that can be said to be the biggest drawback of wireless charging has been resolved. It is a plus point that it uses USB-C instead of its own power supply, but the disadvantage of being large and expensive (the low-priced version is not a glass top). During charging, the sound of the fan is loud, and the Apple Watch cannot be charged unless you purchase an accessory of $ 45 (about 5,100 yen), so it can be said that it is a product that is suitable for "new gadgets!"

The concept of the Nomad Base Station Pro is close to Zens Liberty, but it has a more sophisticated design made of slim, smooth aluminum and leather.There are 18 charging coils under the surface of about 13cm x 23cm, and you can charge three Qi compatible devices at a time wherever you place it.Base Station Pro is up to 7 for iPhone.5W, all other devices have been announced to be charged at a maximum of 5W, and it may not be possible to charge at the maximum speed except for Apple products.In the actual test, the overall impression was slow, and the iPhone 11 was able to charge about 15%in 30 minutes and 26%in one hour.By the way, the LG V30 has a low value of 9%at the same time and a 16%charge.The Base Station Pro is not optimized for Android devices and may be improved by the firmware update in the future.

According to NOMAD and partner AIRA, the points of this product are convenient, not speed.Certainly, it is convenient to be able to charge without worrying about the position just by putting a smartphone with a poi, but it is quite expensive compared to the recommended top models, so it is not good.In the first place, it is not so difficult to place a conventional 3in1 charger ...I hope that technology will progress further and the price will decrease in the future, but for now it is not even possible to buy products.

MOPHIE 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad is also a highly recommended top model and is still one of the good products.My favorite point is a simple and clean aesthetics and a particular commitment to the details.Above all, functions such as rubber materials that are hard to slip devices and dents for AirPods are easy to use.However, I would like to recommend a stand type than a flat type.By the way, the surface is a material that tends to be concerned about fingerprints like iPhone and iPad.

Native Union Drop XL Wireless Charger (Watch Edition) has a small charging surface and is not technical.Impression that neutral gray fabric and rubber material reduce "gadget feeling" than other products.The charging speed is fast.AirPods may be difficult to set because there is no clear marking of positioning, but there is no other major drawback.

SATECH TRIO Wireless Charging Pad is slightly inferior to recommended top models.Because it is a flat type, it is harder to fix the smartphone than the stand type, and it takes a place at a desk.However, the hollow for AirPods is easy to use, and has a good function for users, such as foldable Apple Watch holders and USB-C chargers.

Zens Dual+Watch Aluminum Wireless Charger is a multi -device charger that is excellent for charging two calls at the same time.However, there is no marking or depression for AirPods case, and it may take a little time to put a smartphone in the correct position.

The Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition is a handsome design, but it is difficult to understand the correct charging position and there is no indicator, so you may be worried at first, "Is this really charged?"The leather surface is slippery compared to the rubber material of MOPHIE products.It is a pretty minimal design, but it will take some time to master it because it is simple.

When STM Chargetree appears, it is an alternative with a charger of $ 100 (about 11,000 yen)!I was excited, but when I opened the lid, it turned out that it was a generic product of a brand change.After that, an Instagram ad was found that at least two companies were selling the same product.Although it is not a negative point itself, ChargeTree is not a MFI certification and does not come with an AC adapter, so it is a product that cannot be recommended overall.

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