A 33 -year -old man living with her mother "Love is troublesome." There is no desire to get married.

A 33 -year -old man living with her mother "Love is troublesome." There is no desire to get married.


"I myself am the most easy and happy now, even when I was a child. I am a" kochoboba "who lives in a children's room.

So what do you think of your son?Is the "happiness" you chose in your living together?

When I asked for an interview, my son who gave me OK talked with her knees in a 6 -tatami "children's room".

The background of becoming an uncle is likely to be reasons such as social problems such as the "employment ice age", as well as romance.(Editorial department, Kenshin Tsukada)

I heard the story of Rika Omiya (62) and Koji (33) of Osaka City (both pseudonyms).

After a divorce with the ex -husband, the two have been living in an apartment with a rent of 60,000 yen for single people for more than 10 years.

The two have the relationship with their relatives, including Rika's parents' parents.

It may not be strictly called a "child room uncle" because he does not live with his parents in his birthplace, but Koji recognizes himself as a "uncle."

The annual income of a non -regular company employee Rika and Koji, a regular employee at a convenience store, cost about 6 million yen.The rent and utilities expenses are paid by Koji, and most of the food expenses are paid by Rika.

Rika's room (6 tatami mats), Koji's room (5 tatami and a half), kitchen (5 and a half tatami) just after entering the entrance, and baths and toilets are all.

I usually eat rice in Rika's room and laugh and roll while watching rakugo on YouTube.

Koji was given his "children's room" from the age of three and woke up there.

"I remember putting a phosphorescent sticker on the ceiling so that I was not lonely."

Now, Koji's room has many stuffed pokemon and beds in the back of the entrance where "Zoids" is set up.We pass the table on top of it and work on a PC, games, animation appreciation, etc.

Rika's room has a hobby electronic piano, a favorite bag, and a tablet for watching videos (a monitor arm has a wide range of motion).And there are stuffed animals that can no longer be entered in Koji's room.

Both are colorful "children's rooms", with no cluttered impressions.

Rika who likes mystery and science fiction.He is Koji who likes anime and manga.In the room, there is a bookshelf that reflects each hobby.

Rika of "Trekker", who loves the second series of "Star Trek", has given the autobiography of Captain Jean -Luc Picard as a favorite book.

With Koji, "The first series is interesting, but it is strange to go to a dangerous place by Captain Kirk himself.

When you ask the two who share their hobbies about their favorite rakugo, they are good friends who answer "No Dake Ban!"

How do they both recognize about the existence of "Kotomo" and themselves?

"I checked on the net and knew that I was a good old man and lived with my parents. I thought it was myself.What's wrong with shopping with money? There is no negative image. "(Koji)

"I didn't know that word at all, but my son thought it was exactly this, and I was a children's room, Kotoba Baba. My room has my own toys, so I like what I like.It is a children's room where you can enjoy only children "(Mr. Rika)

Work is performed with salary and responsibility.When you get home, you can't complain and you can be free.

"I often say what to do this month, but I often say what to do this month.

The direct cause of this life lies in the divorce with the ex -husband.There was a time when the ex -husband worked well, but when his work did not go well, he couldn't put money.At the time, I was able to pay rent from the savings of college students, Koji, at the time, after leaving the house and moving the rented house.

The two are religious gospel Christians.Divorce is not good for Rika, who has been dedicated to her dedication, saying, "Wife, respect her husband."

Koji's partner, "It's better to break up," and finally decided to divorce.

He saved his current living expenses with his mother and child and moved to his current house.

母と一緒に暮らす33歳独身男性「恋愛は面倒臭い」結婚願望もなし 母と暮らす「33歳こどおじ」の部屋を訪ねて 「恋愛は面倒、結婚もしなくていいや」

It seems that the life continued for 10 years was the economical reason, Koji's way of thinking about marriage, and above all, the ease of living alone.

"I had no choice but to live together in terms of economic side, so I have my current life. There is no particular inconvenience. There is also inertia. If he wants to live alone, it doesn't matter."

Koji went to a free school to learn English, joined the Faculty of Law at Private University in Osaka, and studied international law.The first aspiring care of his career after graduation was the media, because he was interested in journalism in research on radiation and international laws and whaling issues that occurred in the Great East Japan Earthquake.

"I was aiming to be a reporter working in the Social Department and Political Department, but at that time, in the midst of the employment ice age, my job hunting was annihilated.I worked as a full -time employee. "

The fact that I couldn't find a job I was envisioning, and after living together, my salary would not increase significantly.The choice of living together and reducing the burden of living is natural.

"When I have a serious illness, get seriously injured, or can't work, what to do. I'm in trouble, but my mother is in trouble. I have some savings, so I can do something for 1-2 months.I'm worried that my household will not turn around in half a year. I'm going to be a lot of care about my health. "(Koji)

On the other hand, some people have the opportunity to live alone in marriage or romance in the previous stage.

In that regard, Koji says, "Love is troublesome. I don't think about marriage at all."

"In a college friend group, a man had cuckolded a woman and became pregnant. I thought it was troublesome to see the terrible love patterns of friends at free schools and universities from junior high school.I got it. I didn't have any first love, so I wonder if it's okay (laughs). "

Looking closely at the father who was dishonest to the family, there is also a reason that "there is a risk of doing the same thing as if the same blood is flowing."

"I think that cohabitation will be breathtaking in the process of understanding each other. Even if you are with your wife all the time, you're not someone else.

When I was a college student, I declared in Rika's room, "I don't get married for a lifetime, so don't say if I want to see my grandchildren's face."

Rika respects his son's thoughts, "I don't want you to get married."

The last reason for continuing "Kodo Uncle" is that living is comfortable.

For Koji, who can't cook at all, it's helpful to make rice.

"There is no big difference between hobbies and political thoughts, and it's fun to talk. Somehow, I'm with a friend rather than a parent, so I feel that there is no particular benefit to being alone."

Rika says that she doesn't have to get married, but I guess the true feeling is "I want you to be lonely and don't go away."You may want to see her grandson's face.

I asked a mean question like this.

Rika denies it firmly.She feels that she was forced to have a strictly restricted life by her "poisoned parent" who cut her edge.

"I didn't want my son to do the same thing because I was a life that my parents stepped on on my feet.

My son eventually moved away, and when he was born, he thought that he should never think of it, and banned him to bind.

But I'm still together, so I have to laugh ... "

Although it is said that a variety of ways of life are recognized, there seems to be some air in society that do not want to be independent for adults who have been older and do not become independent.

However, they say they don't care about such a "world".

Recently, a colleague's woman's son got married.Rika -san, who was told, "Is that my son get married?"

"Unfortunately, there is no contribution to the prosperity of mankind. There is no productivity" (Rika)

"I can't contribute to the declining birthrate problem, so I don't talk at all."

For the time being, they will continue to choose parent -child living together, but they will be facing parent's care issues and death.

"My mother sometimes says that if she gets into a yoboyobo, she will be in the hospital, but in fact it doesn't know unless it will be at that time.

If I can't help it, will I leave it in the facility?There is a lot of things I can do.I don't think that the relationship between the two will be jagged because of that.Isn't it true happiness to have a good relationship when you meet sometimes? "(Koji -san)

Rika is looking at her son who talks about nursing care with a serious look.

"I don't want to leave nursing care," says Rika.

"I say that my friend should make it so that I will not be alone because I die first in age.

It's his life, so I want you to live as much as you like, but if you are connected with common values, I'm grateful for me to die first.

Family, death is not taboo.If you can say one at the end, "I'm going first.I don't think it's good to come too early. "

This time, Koji, who was quietly listening to her mother's story.

I imagined the life after Rika died.

"It is said that pensions will be paid in old age, so I have to leave myself.

You may be lonely when you remember when your mother was, but you wouldn't want to have a new relationship with your family.I wonder if I will just live on my own based on my memories. "

I wondered if this was the only thing I was worried about, saying, "I have about four friends who are contacted."