Ai Tominaga, 17 years old, reveals the past that was "disgusted and unavoidable" and "strong pretend".

Ai Tominaga, 17 years old, reveals the past that was "disgusted and unavoidable" and "strong pretend".

[January 10, 2022 15:19]

 Model Ai Tominaga (39) will appear on the TBS series "Sunday's first ears SP" (9.00 later) broadcast on the 9th.I sent a message to a woman from her own experience.

 Tominaga appeared in the corner "A hot -blooded lesson for a troubled woman."The opening of the opening, Tominaga, said, "I look strong, right?" And said, "It looks strong, but I'm not a strong person."Tominaga made a picture of uniforms published in the magazine "VOGUE" when he was a high school student at the age of 17 at the age of 17.I have been crossing the world in Paris Collection."There was quite a time when I was pretending to be strong. I couldn't get on the plane without a strong pretend," says Tominaga."If you get on an airplane, you have to go to the New York Collection or Paris Collection. I don't want to go in the gaze that pierces like an arrow, like an arrow.I couldn't help it. "However, among them, he confessed that he was self -suggesting, saying, "I was fine at all. I could do it at all," and "I was more beautiful than you guys, and I was on an airplane.""It looks strong, but it's a result story that I got tough ... I'm deceiving and I'm getting confident little by little. That strong pretend has become real," he recalls his experience.In the end, he sent a message to the women, "So a strong pretend is fine."


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