Amazon, "Echo Auto" product presentation that can use Alexa in the car - CAR WATCH

Amazon, "Echo Auto" product presentation that can use Alexa in the car - CAR WATCH

車内でもアレクサを利用可能にする「Amazon Echo Auto」

 On September 30, Amazon released "Amazon Echo Auto", which allows the voice service "Alexa" to be available in the car.A new product launch was held online online.The price is 4980 yen.

 Amazon Echo Auto is a device that enables Alexa in the car.Car audio, etc. 3.By connecting with a 5mm audio output or Bluetooth, and pairing with your smartphone, you can enjoy the smartphone Alexa app using vehicle speakers.In addition, the main unit is equipped with eight microphones, which accurately recognizes audio in the in -vehicle -in -vehicle environment, such as the sound of the air conditioner and road noise, and enables natural conversation operations.For use of the service, you can use a smartphone communication and install it to the car with the attached air vent mount.In addition, power supply to the main unit can be performed from the car audio accessory socket or USB port.

Amazon Echo Auto

 At the recital, Amazon Japan Alexa International General Manager, Satoshi Oki, appeared, and first introduced the Amazon Echo service.

アマゾンジャパン合同会社 Alexaインターナショナル ゼネラルマネージャー 大木聡氏

 Mr. Oki said, "I think it's best to imagine a science fiction TV drama and a movie" Star Trek "to understand Amazon Echo. We inspired this Star Trek and Amazon Echo.Was developed. "

 In the Star Trek world, the crew of the spaceship can give instructions and receive the response using the spacecraft enterprise AI and natural languages, and in a natural conversation in any place on the ship.Can be done by.


 Alexa understands natural languages and provides information and services for it.However, he introduced that the image of using the cloud is different from the AI robot in the play.

Amazon、車内でアレクサが使える「Echo Auto」製品発表会 - Car Watch

 Mr. Oki says, "There is another important technical components. Like the Star Trek, it requires a technology that correctly recognizes the voices of customers no matter where the product is installed in the room." To tell.

 In this regard, "In many cases, the hardware is equipped with multiple microphones. This is to implement the technology called beam forming, but other than that, we will also conduct more training by machine learning, nearby.It implements a function that can correctly recognize the voice in the distant voice instead of the voice, "said the technology installed in the Echo series products.

 The Echo Auto released this time is also equipped with eight microphone rays, and by learning Echo Auto, it has achieved high voice recognition capacity even in a lot of noise.

Echo Autoにも8つのマイクアレイを搭載。遠くにいる声も正確に認識する

 At the presentation, in addition to demonstrations using home -use Echo products, videos of Echo Auto use in business scenes and weekend family drive scenes are released.Alexa reacts to words such as "Good morning" and "now" instead of specific instructions, scenes to enjoy music in the car, check schedules, call hands -free calls, check the weather at the destination, and take it as children.The scene where you enjoyed it was introduced.

Amazon Echo Auto ビジネス編(2分6秒)Amazon Echo Auto ファミリー編(2分5秒)EchoでできることEcho Autoがあれば車内でもアレクサを利用できる

 Echo Auto started selling by invitation in the United States in 2018.It is said that it is already equipped with functions unique to in -vehicle devices, but in Japan, such a unique function has not yet been installed, and Alexa used at home can now be used in the car.He says that we will respond according to future needs and eventually be able to function universally.

 Also, in the US sales, there were too many types of in -vehicle audio devices to be connected to Bluetooth and could not be connected well.At present, most have been resolved, but that may happen for a while after the release in Japan.In addition, on the Amazon website, the compatible models that are currently known are introduced, so please check before purchasing.

 Oki says that Echo Auto is not a special.Like the Star Trek mentioned above, he said that Alexa was always aiming to be near the user, and said that Alexa could be used not only in the house but also in the environment of the car.

 Of course, optimization unique to the car is required, but it is not limited to the inside of the car, but a stance of optimizing everywhere, and the car is one of them.


 Mr. Oki said that the carona was changing the way the car as a means of transportation was changing, and the Echo Auto, which can be easily installed with the air vent, can be easily introduced to car sharing and rental cars.In addition, not only Echo Auto, but also the genuine commercial system of commercial vehicles such as the Nissan Motor "Aria", and it is also installed in commercial car audio, etc., and Alexa will be installed on navigation in the future.He told the prospects that the number of cases may increase.

Echo Auto以外でもEchoは新車への搭載や市販カーオーディオなど、さまざまな形で搭載されているアマゾンで購入: