Are you a design -oriented group?Function pursuit?Gadget professional female writers recommend "All" Mobile Note HP Specter X360 13!

Are you a design -oriented group?Function pursuit?Gadget professional female writers recommend "All" Mobile Note HP Specter X360 13!

From October 2019, the consumption tax will be raised to 10%.In addition, the support of Windows 7 will end in January 2020, so many people are now thinking about replacing and purchasing a new computer.So you get lost in how to choose a personal computer.This time, three writers who are active in Engadget, who have used a number of personal computers and have reviewed the latest models, are the key to choosing a personal computer that emphasizes when using a computer in business or private.We had a roundtable discussion on the theme.

――First of all, please let me know how you use your computer, as well as your self -introduction.Ayano Tominaga (AYANO): IT journalist Ayano Tominaga.I usually introduce gadgets in videos.I use my computer when editing videos and writing long sentences.Satoshi Nakayama (hereinafter, Nakayama): IT writer Nakayama.I wrote articles on IT and mobile web media, and I also work on overseas interviews.I often bring a computer and write manuscripts locally.Because we also edit videos, we are particular about PC specifications.Izumi Aikawa (hereinafter referred to as Aikawa): I am Aikawa, an educational writer and editor.Not only work, but in private, I am a PTA for my child's elementary school, making a public relations magazine and making a meeting of meetings, is indispensable.

▲ From left, Nakayama, AYANO, Aikawa -san.Three writers who use personal computers every day gathered and talked about the points of choosing a computer.

What are the important points of choosing a personal computer?

――It seems that more people will buy a new PC due to tax hike or end Windows 7 support.I think you often ask others about replacement, but what kind of advice do you do?Ayano: I'm often asked by OL friends, so I say "look" first (laughs).After that, we give advice to emphasize "easy to carry" such as thinness and lightness.The specifications depend on the budget.Nakayama: On the contrary, I often receive consultation from men.You will be asked what a computer used at home or on the go.So, as I, as well, I have advised to focus on power, as there are many heavy work on the go.The rest is the duration of the battery.Light personal computers often reduce battery capacity and lighter, so if you use it without an AC adapter outside, work time will be limited.I think you have to think about the balance around that.Aikawa: What does Ayano emphasize the most when you buy it yourself?Ayano: I want to edit the video taken with a smartphone immediately, so I want a lot of capacity.The backup is in the cloud.Aikawa: So, when Ayano chooses himself, is it storage -oriented?Ayano: No, it looks and light (laughs) Aikawa: That's important!First of all, I have a good appearance, and then think about the balance between lightness and specifications.

It turns out that women, including Ayano, who says, "If it looks cute, will increase motivation," the women first stick to "appearance" before the specifications.On the other hand, men are "power -oriented."In particular, Mr. Nakayama, who has a lot of overseas interviews, says, "I'm scared when it's broken, so I'll bring two laptops. I leave one at the hotel and carry another one."matter.I had them experience the latest notebook PC, Japan HP "HP Specter (Spectral) X360 13".

What the professional focused on was this point of "HP Specter X360 13"!

――How about various opinions, how about “HP Specter X360 13”?Please tell me your first impression.Ayano: I knew the "Specter" series, but this is my first time to touch it.First of all, I was attracted to the design.In particular, the cut on the left and right corners is extremely beautiful and the left power button on the left is cute!It is good that there is an attached accessories.When I bought a personal computer, I bought a case at the point of the shop I bought, but it is very good that such a wonderful case comes with the body (laughs).。AYANO's recommended point 1: Design that the appearance is also convinced

▲ The point that ayano first stopped was an emerald cut on the left and right side of "HP Specter X360 13".Power button on the left, USB 3 compatible with TUNDERBOLT3 to the right.1 Type-Cのポートがあり、デザイン性だけでなく、機能性も備えている。Ayanoのおすすめポイント2:機能美を備えた付属アクセサリ

▲ The sleeve case and active pen attached to the standard for "HP Specter X360 13"."I can put a pen!"

From the user of "HP Specter X360 13", "I was surprised at the thinness and lightness, and it was a good impression that the texture and luxury were not lost even though it was miniated."The color is more stylish, and it is easy to carry both in size and weight. "Ayano, who was particular about it, was satisfied with the design.

――How about Nakayama?Nakayama: I also thought the design was good.There is no screw hole on the back and it is beautiful.I guess the designer had a lot of trouble......I like manufacturers who are doing this (laughs).And it is helpful to have a tent mode.When watching a video on an airplane, if it is economy, if the front seat defeats the seat, it will not be opened on Clamshell's laptop (laughs).With "HP Specter X360 13", the display part opens 360 degrees and can be used in tablet mode, and the keyboard is effective up to 180 degrees, so it seems convenient to show the screen to the other party with a presentation.Nakayama's recommended point 1: Convenient "tent mode" to save space

▲ 360 degrees can be changed to all 5 modes such as tent mode and tablet mode.In particular, Mr. Nakayama says, "The tent mode of space -saving is convenient because it can be used in various situations."

▲ Practice tent mode and tablet mode.Some users said, "I was worried because the keyboard was down, but it was good that rotating 360 degrees would automatically disable the keyboard."

Nakayama Recommended Point 2: Easy -to -use keyboard

▲ファンクションキーひとつで、キーボードの2段階のライトが付けられる。「暗い機内でも、これなら原稿が書けます。キーの打鍵音も静かなので、外でも気を遣わずに使えそう」と、中山さん。ユーザーからも「キーボードが打ちやすい。キーのタッチが気持ち良い」と好評だ。相川:私は仕事で「HP Spectre x360 13」を使いましたが、便利だなと感じたのがマウスや外付けの周辺機器、スマホの充電ケーブルなども接続できる挿込口(ポート)の多さですね。先ほどAyanoさんも褒めていましたが、角のポートが秀逸! マウス派なので右側のスペースは広く取りたいのですが、電源ケーブルを挿している時でも邪魔にならず、広々と使えるのがよかったです。相川のおすすめポイント1:ポートの多さと使いやすさ

▲ Type-C × 2 on the right, Type-A on the left, USB 3 in all.1のポートが3つ。「電源だけでなく、スマホの充電や周辺機器を同時に接続でき、拡張性が高い点も気に入りました」と、相川さん。相川のおすすめポイント2:指紋でも顔でもログインできる生態認証

▲ "It is good to have a biometric authentication called Windows Hello, and there are two biometric authentication login, fingerprint and face, and you can log in immediately, so it's stress -free, so it's a password outside.I don't need to enter, so it's safe in terms of security! "

▲ You can log in quickly with biometric authentication, even on the go where it is difficult to put a password.

This is recommended!The ability of "HP Specter X360 13"

 あなたはデザイン重視派? 機能追求派? ガジェットプロの女子ライターがおススメする

――Do you actually use “HP Specter X360 13” and think that this is good?Nakayama: It's privacy mode.This is good!Data that should never be shown is open outside, but I still don't want to see it.

▲ Equipped with privacy mode switching on the "F1" key.

▲「F1」キーでオン/オフが可能なプライバシーモード。瞬時に切り替えられるので安心感が強い。相川:わたしは外で原稿書いていた時に、突然のぞき込まれてビックリしたことがあります。中山:ファンクションキーひとつでプライバシーモードにできるから、飛行機の中でもいい。ついでに、Wi-Fiなどをオフにする「フライトモード」もファンクションキーに入っているから、切り替えが楽で、僕的にはポイントが高いです。Ayano:出先でメールやSNSをしていることが多いので画面を見られたくないですね。これは絶対ほしい機能です! それから、Webカメラもボタンでオフにできるんですね。Webカメラでビデオチャットもよく使うわたしとしては、着替えているときに「映っちゃった!?」ってことがないので安心です。

▲Ayanoさんおすすめの、プライバシースイッチ。Webカメラのオン/オフの切り替えが物理ボタンでできるので安心だ。中山:あとは、電源端子が今後主流となる規格「USB Type-C」なところがいいですね。最近では、スマホの充電もUSB Type-Cになっている機種が増えているので、充電器がひとつで済み、荷物が軽くなります。手持ちのモバイルバッテリーを試したら「HP Spectre x360 13」を充電できたのも良かった。これまでは出先でパソコンを使った作業をする際、ネット環境とコンセントの両方があるところを探していましたが、「HP Spectre x360 13」ならネット環境さえあればよい。これはとても助かります。相川:駆動時間が最長22時間30分と長いのも助かりますよね。あと、急速充電に対応しているので30分でバッテリーを50%充電できるのも重宝しそう。出かける前にちょっと充電するだけで半日は軽くもちます。


▲付属のアクティブペンはなめらかな書き心地で、絵や文字を自由に書くことができる。相川:あとは、音です。わたしは動画配信サービスで、海外ドラマを見るのが好きなんですが、この「Bang & Olufsen」のスピーカーって有名なんですよね。中山:有名です。デンマークの高級オーディオメーカーですよ。「HP Spectre x360 13」は背面にもスピーカーがあるので、テントモードにしたときもすごく聞き取りやすい工夫がされているんですね。

▲ Mr. Nakayama explains, "The speaker on the back of the back makes it easier to hear the sound in tent mode and tablet mode."

Professional is convinced!Why do you want to use "HP Specter X360 13"?

――It the conclusion, do you want to use “HP Specter X360 13”?Also, how about a model that recommends a personal computer for an acquaintance?Ayano: I want to use it.I'm wondering which color is better......。"Ash Black" is a beautiful and adult image that suits any fashion, so it looks good to bring it around.However, the bluish "Poseidon Blue" is also wonderful.Also, it's nice to have LINE support.After recommending a personal computer for an acquaintance, you will be asked a lot, so you can leave it here (laughs).For those who are not familiar with personal computers, I think that the support by phone is quite high.There are many difficulties to explain the screen on the phone, but with LINE, you can send photos and videos on the error screen to tell you that you are in trouble.

▲ Support using LINE chat is a great advantage that you do not have to wait until it is connected like a phone."It seems convenient to be able to use photos and videos to explain the situation," said Ayano.

▲「こんな風に小脇に抱えて、颯爽と打ち合わせに行きたいですね」と、「HP Spectre x360 13」を持ってみるAyanoさん。中山:「HP Spectre x360 13」は、今ほしい機能が全部そろっている。スペック、バッテリー駆動時間、充電環境、複数のUSBポート、2in1コンバーチブル、光るキーボードと、自分の使っている環境のなかで、どこでも使える機能に仕上がっていると思います。特に、プライバシーモードは専用フィルムを取り付けるより見やすいですし、ボタンひとつでできる点も良いです。タッチ搭載でこれだけ長時間駆動で、どんな用途でも使える点を考えると、これになりますね。

▲「人に見せたくなる、持って歩きたくなるパソコンですね。スペック的にも長く使えるものなので、周りにもすすめやすいです」と、話す中山さん。相川:私は仕事で使ったときから惚れ込んでしまい、日本HPのキャンペーンなどをチェックして買い時をうかがっています(笑)。持った時の満足感がすごく高いので、カフェだけでなく、PTAでも「HP Spectre x360 13」をサッと取り出して使ってみたいですね。別売のマウスもデザインが統一されているので、ぜひ一緒に持ちたいです! 持っていると、「それ、どこの?」って、話題が広がりそうです。

▲ Separate accessories are also enriched.The "HP Specter Mouse 700" and the "HP Specter leather clutch bag" match each color and do not impair the world view."I want you to buy it in total," says Aikawa.

If you are considering replacing your computer in the future, why not choose one that suits you, referring to your opinion?What I found out again in this roundtable was that all participants felt that "the real thing is much more luxurious than looking at the images of the homepage and catalogs."If you actually check not only the design but also the appearance of the privacy mode and the position of the port, you will feel more convenient.If you are interested in "HP Specter X360 13" in this article, please check the actual machine at the store.

「HP Spectre x360 13」スペック※スタンダードモデルの場合

● Design

Color: 2 models (Ash Black / Poseidon Blue) Accessories: Sleeve Case, Active Pen

● Functional

OS: Windows 10 Home (64bit) CPU: Intel Core i7-8565U Processor Memory: 16GB storage: 512GBB SSD (PCIE / NVME M).2)セキュリティ:Windows Hello対応(IRカメラ & 指紋認証)、プライバシースイッチバッテリ駆動時間:最大 22時間30分通信:IEEE802.11a/B/G/N/AC (Gigabit compatible), Bluetooth 5.0 * Optional "Privacy Mode" can be installed (Ash Black only)

● expandability

Interface: USB3.1 Type-A × 1, USB Type-C 3.1 Gen2 × 2 (Thunderbolt 3 compatible), microSD card