News Jun Idada, "Mysterious Beauty" and collaboration full custom Yamaha SR500 "really cool"

News Jun Idada, "Mysterious Beauty" and collaboration full custom Yamaha SR500 "really cool"

Number of registrants 6.Collaboration with the popular YouTuber / Yu of 30,000 people

Jun Idita of "Speed Wagon" [Photo: Instagram (@jujuju_101010)]

ニュース 井戸田潤、“謎の美女”とコラボ フルカスタムのヤマハSR500が「めちゃカッコいい」

 Jun Idita of the comedy combination "Speed Wagon" updated the YouTube channel "Hamburger Master Channel" on the 3rd.We are collaborating with "Mysterious Beauty Biker" "YU".[Video] "This is a collaboration with such a beautiful woman." Jun Idada is also excited, and the "Mysterious Beauty" YU appeared as the SR500 guest of his favorite car in a collaboration with the "Mysterious Beauty" YU."I was watching YU's YouTube unilaterally," said Idada.YU is "yu.Develop a YouTube channel called SR500 /Living with your car.Number of registrants 6.It's a popular YouTuber with 30,000 people. Idada introduced, "If you look at YU's channel, your motorcycle love is amazing! You're riding a car. He is 170 cm tall, and he wears leather pants on this day. First, YU introduces your car bike. Yamaha's SR500. "(The year) was about 1980, and the wheel was recently turned into a spoke," he said. "It is a rim with a little width here, called H type." One of them is full of commitments such as seats and meters. The motorcycle itself is purchased at Yahoo auction and has various customs. Idada was excited about this, saying, "It's really cool!" In fact, he acclaimed again, saying, "I've never been on the handle so far. This is cool." In the explanation of the video, he said, "Collaboration with YU who is too beautiful SR riding. Viewers have been receiving echoing, such as "Tall and SR -straddling style", "There was a great girl", and "a collaboration with such a beautiful woman rider".

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