The performance that can be used for creative despite the 14 type and the SRGB cover rate of 99 % LCD adoption, the 110,000 yen range and high cost performance "Raytrek X4-T" can be used on the go.

The performance that can be used for creative despite the 14 type and the SRGB cover rate of 99 % LCD adoption, the 110,000 yen range and high cost performance "Raytrek X4-T" can be used on the go.

"Raytrek X4-T"

 サードウェーブが展開しているクリエイター向けブランド「raytrek」から、14型ディスプレーを採用するモバイルノートパソコン"Raytrek X4-T"が登場した。クリエイター向けを謳うだけあって基本構成はしっかり抑えられており、Core i7-1165G7、16GBメモリー、512GB SSDと、運用する上での必要十分なスペックは持っている。加えて、11万9980円とリーズナブルな価格になっているのも特徴だ。

 The major difference between a personal computer that assumes general use such as hobby and business, and a computer for creators is actually on the display, not the machine itself.The display that is completed on an individual basis is not a problem with the quality that only you can be satisfied with, but a computer for creative work that makes the production is included in the final purpose of seeing people other than yourself, so accurate color development is possible.A display that has a standard point is essential.

 A high -colored display is essential for creators for creators, which is less difficult than gaming PCs that require high -performance GPUs, but demand is less than gaming PCs, so it feels expensive.It is also a drawback.

 If a desktop computer is connected to a high -color range display and has a certain standard processing capacity, it will be a good creator PC, but the laptop display will not be replaced, so the first model selection is quite important.It comes.

 Of course, if you connect a high -colored display separately, it will be solved, but the advantage of the laptop is that you can work regardless of location, so you can check it with accurate colors even on the go is the most important item of the creator's laptop.。

It is about 5mm on the left and right sides, about 7 mm on the upper side, and it is a small number, but it fits in the size of a 13 -inch notebook a while ago.The high -colored display is also attractive

 Of course, RayTrek X4-T uses a high-colored display that is indispensable for creative work.The SRGB cover rate is 99 %, and you can check the color without any problems on the go.In addition, since the surface is non -glare processed, even if the surroundings such as outdoors are bright, there is little screen reflection and high visibility also leads to high work efficiency.This time, we were able to borrow "RayTrek X4-T Black Windows 11", which uses Windows 11 for the OS, so let's report.

 First, let's check the appearance.It's simple to see RayTrek X4-T, and it's an ordinary slim note computer for creators.The top plate is combined with three -way hairline treatment.As a result, the hairline's appearance changes depending on the hitting of the light, or it looks black, and it is a self -assertion that it is not just a flashy top plate, which is an accent of the design.

The simple design with little irregularities is a good impression.The side has a diamond edge and has a high texture.

The characteristic is the top plate, which contains three -way hairline processing.The reflection of the hairline is modest but accented, and I feel a sense of luxury.


 The size is about 323.5 x depth 219.5 x height 18.9mm and easy to carry.Because it is thin, it is easy to put in the gap between the bags.Weight is about 1.It is 5kg lightly, and it is quite attractive for those who carry a lot of luggage, such as shooting equipment, like me, like me, like me, and like me.

About 18.Ninse with 9mm

There is an exhaust port on the back, and the interface is sorted left and right.

 As mentioned earlier, the top plate is characteristic, but the appearance is a very ordinary slim note computer.Although the number of interfaces is not so large, the necessary and sufficient numbers are all sorted, so cable management can be done easily.

HDMI, USB 3 from left.2 Gen2, Thunderbolt 4 (USB Type-C), camera switches are lined up.Since the number of online meetings has increased, it is a nice specification that the camera switch is provided.

Microsd card slot from left, headphone output / microphone input, USB 2.0, USB 3.1 GEN1, Kenzington Rock is lined up

The bottom has a large slit, and the speaker can be seen on the left and right on the front side.

 The power supply is performed on the Thunderbolt 4 terminal that supports USB PD, but since there are two Thunderbolt 4 terminals, it is nice that one more can be used even when connecting to the power supply.There is no wired LAN terminal, but it can be said that it is not a good idea to think about the balance with the size.

 At the time of operation, it would be convenient to use a USB Type-C-connected port replicer to connect not only wired LAN but also external storage that can be used for external displays and backups.There are three USB Type-A terminals, but the standards are different, so care must be taken when connecting.

 The keyboard has a narrow function of functions and cross key vertically, but otherwise the operation is good and the operation feels good.There are no special parts in the array, and there is no key or shortage.The condition is moderate weight, making it easy to grasp the input points.And the type sound is in a quiet category, so you can do it in quiet places such as cafes and libraries without worrying about your surroundings.

 Approximately 1 with a 14 -inch laptop.5kg, like a photographer, a laptop that is very useful for both a laptop computer but also a lot of other equipment to carry around.

 Although the discrete GPU is not installed, the CPU is equipped with a reputable "Core i7-1165G7", so the expected value is large, and the RayTrek series is a computer for creators, but the price is so high.There is no, but rather cheap.Not only professional photographers who are traveling, but also those who want to start photography in the future as a hobby can be recommended as a full -fledged work on high -colored displays.Next time, I will check the skills of Raytrek X4-T.

raytrek X4-Tの主なスペック
CPUCore i7-1165G7(4コア/8スレッド、最大4.7GHz)
グラフィックスインテル Iris Xe グラフィックス
ストレージ512GB SSD(NVMe対応)
ディスプレー14型(1920×1080ドット)、sRGBカバー率約99%(sRGB比約100%) / AdobeRGBカバー率約74%(AdobeRGB比約74%)
通信規格無線LAN(IEEE 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n)、Bluetooth 5.2
インターフェースThunderbolt 4端子×2(USB PD対応、DisplayPort Alt Mode 映像出力対応)、USB 3.2 Gen2、USB 3.1 Gen1、USB 2.0、マイク入力/ヘッドフォン出力、HDMI出力
サイズ/重量およそ幅323.5×奥行219.5 x height 18.9mm/約1.5kg
OSWindows 11 Home(64bit)