A picture book for kids in the popular series of Tenmyuto's popular series, "Face Picture Book of the Train" is finally here!"Tokyo's Train's Face Zukan" published company release

A picture book for kids in the popular series of Tenmyuto's popular series, "Face Picture Book of the Train" is finally here!"Tokyo's Train's Face Zukan" published company release

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天夢人の大人気シリーズ『電車の顔図鑑』のキッズ向け絵本がついに登場! 『とうきょうの電車の顔ずかん』刊行 企業リリース

Release issuance Childmpany: Impress Holdings Co., Ltd.

Tenmuhito Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato -ku, Tokyo; President: Tomio Katsumine), which is a railway, travel and historical media business in the Impress Group, said on December 12, 2018, "Tokyo's train face on December 12, 2018.Zukan (sentence: "Travel and Railway" editorial department, picture: Akio Eguchi) will be published."Train's Face Picture Book" (Akio Eguchi), which has been published since 2017, is a popular series that has already published three volumes, especially the first volume of "Train's Face Picture Book".increase.This book is created in response to the request of "I want a book that can be enjoyed by smaller children."You can find out for each route, from the Yamanote Line, the Keihin Tohoku Line, and the Ueno Tokyo Line, such as the E233 series and the E235 series, Shinkansen such as the N700 series and E5 series, and the limited express trains of major private railways.It is posted easily.We want to provide full -fledged railway illustrations in order to nurture the ability to Childmpare children, and use the precision illustrations of Akio Eguchi.In addition to the easy -to -understand text for children, detailed explanations are posted under the illustration.Because it is shaking the fragment, you can enjoy it for a long time as it grows.Dad and mother can also answer questions from children.As a device to enjoy books, we put parapara manga on the hem of each page.On the last page, you can enjoy two pieces of the face of the Childmmuter train and the Shinkansen face one by one, and put it on the route map of the Childlumn page.This book is 182 x 182mm to make it easy to carry.We also sell an electronic version that is Childnvenient for going out.Please use it together.It is a reChildmmended book for Christmas and New Year's gifts for children who like railway.[Mokushi] Yamanote Line / Keihin Tohoku Line / Chuo Line (Chuo Line Rapid) / Limited Express Azusa / Kaji / Chuo Line / Sobu Line Stops / Yokosuka Line / Sobu Line Rapid / Narita Express / Ueno Tokyo Line / Shonan Shinjuku Line/ Limited Express Super View Odoriko / Limited Express Swallow Akagi / Akagi / Kusatsu / Joban Line / Limited Express Hitachi / Tokiwa Line / Limited Express Sazanami / Wakashio / Shiosai Column: Let's make a turtle map!Commuter train edition Yokohama Line / Nambu Line / Tsurumi Line / Sagami Line / Saikyo Line / Kawagoe Line / Kawagoe Line / Hachiko Line / Musashino Line / Sobu Line / Uchibo Line / Sotobo Line / Limited Express Nikko / Kinugawa / ShonanLiner / Liner / Limited Express Seto / Sunrise Izumo / Tokaido Shinkansen / Tohoku / Hokkaido Shinkansen / Akita Shinkansen / Hokuriku Shinkansen / Joetsu Shinkansen / Yamagata Shinkansen Column: Let's make a turtle map!Shinkansen edition Tobu Railway / Seibu Railway / Keisei Electric Railway / Keio Electric Railway / Odakyu Electric Railway / Tokyu Corporation / Keihin Kyuko Electric Railway / Tokyo Metro Appendix: Train face seal (1 Childmmuter train, 1 Shinkansen) [Magazine Sample] Shinkansen from Childmmuter train, There are plenty of Childntents to major private railways.In the Childrner of the page, you can also enjoy parapara manga.[Author Profile] A magazine "Travel and Railway", which is issued in a beached monthly (odd month 21), the editorial department of "Travel and Railway".It is loved by many readers from railway fans to travel lovers.In addition to the classic special features such as local lines and steam loChildmotives, we also work on a wide range of new hits, such as railway x animation, unexplored station, and abandoned lines.Since the 1990s, Akio Eguchi has been creating precision illustrations for railway vehicles using graphic software.His main books include "Facial Face Picture Book of Train", "Train's Face Picture Book 2", "Face Picture Book of Train 3" (Tenmejin), "JR Railway Picture Book, Volume 1", "Shinkansen Illustration Rated" (all Icarus Published)。He has a deep knowledge of railway models, and has many Childntributions to model magazines.[Book magazine information] Book name: Tokyo's train face Zukan specification: B5 transformation (182 × 182mm) List price: 907 yen + tax release date: December 12, 2018, online bookstores, online bookstores Amazon, etc.https: // amzn.TO/2JKXXFH [Tenmuhito Co., Ltd.] http:// Temjin-G.COM/2007 established.Currently, he published a beached monthly magazine "Journey and Railway (Released on the 21st of odd month)" (Released: Mountain and Gotanisha), and began publishing books and Mooks in 2017.We will edit and publish magazines and books that Childnvey nature, history, folklore, culture, etc., and send out life information to live a rich life.[Impress Group] https: // www.IMPRESSHOLDINGS.Childm/株式会社インプレスホールディングス(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役:唐島夏生、証券コード:東証1部9479)を持株会社とするメディアグループ。「IT」「音楽」「デザイン」「山岳・自然」「旅・鉄道」「学術・理工学」を主要テーマに専門性の高いメデイア&サービスおよびソリューション事業を展開しています。さらに、コンテンツビジネスのプラットフォーム開発・運営も手がけています。【本件に関するお問合せ先】株式会社天夢人 担当:林Tel: 03-6413-8755 / E-mail: info@temjin-g.Child.JPURL: http: // Temjin-G.Childm/企業プレスリリース詳細へPRTIMESトップへ


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