Efficient work even in narrow places.Logitech announces the Japanese version of MX Keys Mini, a "notebook PC array"

Efficient work even in narrow places.Logitech announces the Japanese version of MX Keys Mini, a "notebook PC array"

Logitech, a major world -renowned manufacturer of PC peripherals, including keyboards and mouse, has announced the Japanese version of the small wireless keyboard "MX KEYS MINI" with a notebook PC style and array.The price is open, but the company's direct sales price is 13,860 yen (tax included).The release date is November 11th.

The main body color is a gray/white "pail gray", a dark "graphite", and a pink "rose".

MX Keys Mini (Amazon)

This MX Keys mini is a luxury keyboard that belongs to the company's business/creators' keyboards and mouse series, MX.The Logitech side is also positioned as "flagship keyboard".

In addition, it is a Japanese array version of the same model that was announced earlier in the United States.Regarding Japanese array, it seems to be a high -end keyboard, and there is no so -called narrow key.It is a costly localization.

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The biggest feature is that it uses a key layout that can be called a rare "notebook PC array" as a high -end keyboard.It is not a common "numeric keles specification" in a luxury price range keyboard, but is an array and size like 13 to 14 -inch notes PCs.

While avoiding a situation that reduces the width of major keys by this array, the body size is 296 x 132 x 21mm (width x depth x thickness) small (but the arrow key is like a notebook PC.Although it is getting smaller).Page Up, Down, Home and End, etc. are type that is input with FN + arrow keys.

Weight 506.4G is a level that is heavier than the appearance, but can be ported.

In fact, this unit has a model with a numeric keypad "MX Keys" as a sibling machine, but the size of this unit has shrunk to 75%compared to Muji Keys.The Logitech side is called "minimalist design" and appeals to products that increase productivity even in narrow workplaces.

 狭い場所でも効率的な作業。「ノートPC配列」高級キーボード、MX Keys Mini日本版をロジクールが発表

Another feature is that new functions such as Mike -on -off, dictation (audio recognition), and emoji pallet display are introduced in the "media key" at the top (the innermost) stage.

Dictation cannot be used in Japan due to the support of the OS side (possible in MacOS), but on -off of microphone is convenient for TV conferences.

The connection is Bluetooth and the newly developed 2.The 4GHz band's proprietary wireless specification "Logi Bolt".However, Logi Bolt receivers are not included (sold separately, 1210 yen including tax).

Of course, with multi -pairing that is good at Logitech, you can explicitly switch to three hosts and connect.By installing the dedicated application "Logicool Options", it also supports the Mouse Keyboard Clipboard shared function "LogiCool Flow" on multiple PCs and Macs (this is common to Keys Muji).

At the time of connection, it also supports Windows 10 high -speed connection function "Swift Pair".

The battery is a built -in (not replacement) type, and the driving time is very long at full charge (when backlight lighting).If the backlight is turned off, it will be up to 5 or a month.

The charging time is 4 hours under the nominal value.The charging terminal is USB Type-C.

The key switch is characterized by the fact that stable typing can be performed with a key suspension structure, "PerfectStroke", which suppresses blur when pressed, and key tops that are loudly recessed.

In this way, MX Keys mini is a model equipped with a new machine axis such as a laptop PC array, which is rare for a luxury keyboard.It is a model that seems to approach mobile keyboard lovers, including those who are looking for a small and solid keyboard.

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MX Keys Mini (Amazon)

Source: Logitech Press Release