In the 5G era, let's make full use of the smartphone "unlimited use plan" for business

In the 5G era, let's make full use of the smartphone "unlimited use plan" for business

The 5G "unlimited use plan" is recommended for online meetings on the go

 While the spread of the new coronavirus is beginning to settle down, "opportunities to go out" are increasing. be. Until a while ago, there were many days when people stayed at home because of teleworking, but recently, there may be people who say, "Go to work several days a week" or "Go to work every day."

However, on the other hand, the way we work is changing, and "meetings are mainly online" and "meetings with the other party are also video conferences" have become commonplace.

Unlimited use of smartphones in the 5G era Let's make full use of the

 If it's an online meeting all day, you can participate from home or office, but you can have online and real meetings during the day, such as "online first thing in the morning, meeting on the go during the day, and an online meeting right after that". Mixing can get messy. In order to participate in online meetings on the go, it is necessary to secure a quiet place.

 Of course, it's not just the location. It is necessary to secure a stable "communication line" to comfortably connect online meetings.

 For such business people, I would like to recommend the "unlimited usage plan" for 5G smartphones.

NTT Docomo "5G Gigaho Premier", au "Unlimited MAX 5G", Softbank "Marihari Unlimited", and Rakuten Mobile "Rakuten UN-LIMIT Ⅵ" correspond to this.

 Although it is a price plan for smartphones, communication with a laptop is possible if you use the "tethering function" that sends Wi-Fi from your smartphone.

 There are public Wi-Fi spots in the city, and it is possible to connect to Wi-Fi for free, but it is not recommended for security reasons. On the other hand, if you connect to your laptop with tethering via 5G communication on your smartphone, you can rest assured in terms of security.