Is there a possibility that it doesn't work even with a new PC?Check "Windows 11" again the operation requirements!

Is there a possibility that it doesn't work even with a new PC?Check "Windows 11" again the operation requirements!

 As previously reported, Microsoft announced the new operating system "Windows 11" on June 24 (Eastern the United States).The product version is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2021, and free version upgrades are expected to be provided on PCs and tablets where Windows 10 runs.

 However, if you look closely at the system requirements (specifications such as hardware required to operate), relatively new (less than 5 years from release) may not meet the requirements.Check out the hardware specifications required for Windows 11.

CPU / memory / storage

 The CPU requires "two or more cores that operate at 1 GHz or more"."SOC (System-ON-A-CHIP)", which combines multiple chips that make up a PC or tablet, can be used in one.

 To be more specific, Windows 11 supports Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm's 64bit CPU / SoC.32bit CPU / SoC is not supported.The main memory requires 4GB or more and the storage is 64GB or more.

 However, the design generation (microar kitakura) does not decide whether to support it, for example, even if it is Intel CPU, "Desktop / Mobile (Core Processor) for Desktop / Mobile (Core Processor)) is NG, for server / workstations (Xeon).There is a notation that can be obtained as OK.

 Speaking of the desktop / mobile CPU range, Intel is a Core processor for the eighth generation, and the AMD is a Ryzen processor that uses an architecture after "Zen+".For more information, see the list of Microsoft published.

Windows 11がサポートするCPU/SoCは、ハードウェア開発者向けのWebサイトで一覧として公開されている。単純に設計的な世代だけで決定しているわけではないので注意しよう


 In Windows 11, as a PC / tablet firmware, it is essential to use the UEFI that enabled the "Secure Boot" that combines the electronic signature of the OS.

 Windows 10 also supports launching using BIOS (BASIC INPUT/OUTPUT SYSTEM) and UEFI's BIOS compatible function (CSM: Compatibility Support Module) from a compatibility perspective.However, Windows 11 does not support these legacy firmware.

新しめのPCでも動かない可能性が? 「Windows 11」を動作要件を改めてチェック!

 Whether your PC / tablet Windows is running using UEFI, and whether Secure Boot is effective "System information" (msinfo32).You can check using EXE).Search for "msinfo32" in the start menu and execute it.

Windowsがどのようなfirmwareを使って起動しているか、Secure Bootが有効か無効かは「システム情報」から確認できる

TPM (security module)

 In Windows 11, "TPM 2.It is essential to install TPM (security chips) compliant with "".

 In Windows 10, the use of TPM is optional, but in the pre -installed machine shipped after July 28, 2016, TPM 2.In principle, 0 is required.Therefore, it seems that relatively recent PC / tablet meets requirements.

 However, in fact, TPM 2.Even with a PC / tablet that corresponds to 0, it is disabled at the time of shipment or when shipping due to pre -installed OS.In some cases, 2 compatibility is set.

 If it is disabled at the time of shipment, it will be used by enabling it from the UEFI settings of the PC / tablet.TPM 1.2 If it is running in compatible mode, switch the version from the UEFI settings or the firmware TPM 2.It is necessary to rewrite it for 0.In the case of motherboards used in self -made PCs, TPM 2.In some cases, you can purchase and add later even if you do not have a chip.For more information, refer to the support site of a PC / tablet or motherboard manufacturer or contact support.

 In addition, the presence or absence of the TPM chip and the chips compliant can be examined using "Windows Security".Search for "security processor" in the start menu and execute it.

TPMチップのバージョンは、Windowsセキュリティから調べられる。「仕様バージョン」が2.0になっていれば、TPM 2.0に準拠している

GPU / Display

 The GPU (graphics card) is required to support DirectX 12, and the device driver is "WDDM (Windows Device Driver Model) 2.It is necessary to comply with 0 "or more.

 The display requires the following requirements.

 The DirectX version and the device driver used by the GPU are "DirectX Diagnosis Tools" (DXDIAG).You can check using EXE).Search for "DXDIAG" in the start menu and execute it.


Edition and network connection

 The edition of Windows 11 basically follows that of Windows 10.Specifically, the following editions are prepared.

 Windows 11 Home requires an Internet connection and a "Microsoft account" when setup.If you want offline setup, you need another edition.

 Because of that, Windows 11 requires Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) or wired LAN.Mobile (notebook PC / tablet) also requires Bluetooth support.

 "S mode", which can only operate the Microsoft Store app, is provided only for Home edition in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Home(Sモードを含む)では、セットアップ時にインターネット接続とMicrosoftアカウントが必須となる

How to diagnose whether it works?

 Microsoft distributes an app "PC Health Check" (Windows installer), an app that checks whether the current PC / tablet corresponds to Windows 11.If you are troublesome to find out individual requirements, please use it.

 This app does not tell you which part of the PC / tablet does not meet the requirements.If "Cannot be executed", you should not check each requirement even if it is troublesome.