Music Natalie SUPER ★ DRAGON gave to Blue on the last day of the tour "Blue Flowers" "I will continue to wrap us with great love"

Music Natalie SUPER ★ DRAGON gave to Blue on the last day of the tour "Blue Flowers" "I will continue to wrap us with great love"

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The final performance of SUPER ★ DRAGON's nationwide tour "Six Day" was held on December 19 at the Tachikawa Stage Garden in Tokyo.

SUPER ★ DRAGON (photographed: Kenichi Sasamori)

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SUPER ★ DRAGON (photographed: Kenichi Sasamori)[拡大]

This "Six Day", which was held at five venues nationwide, starting with the performance of Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in September in September, is a story tailoring in which the content of the previously released voice drama and the contents of each live show are linked.Performance.It is a challenging attempt to change the set list according to the development of the story.What is drawn in "Six Day" is the story of nine people who receive the mission under the message received from the future.In order to change the future where the war between humans and clones occurs, nine people have responded to SOS, which wants to stop six incidents caused by the key person called Amoyh, but the future has not changed.。On the contrary, Biaoma Ikeda, who only saw Amoyh's face in the Kanagawa and Kanagawa Prefectural Hall, confessed to the members, "Amoyh was just like me."With a voice drama with a disturbing speculation spread about the identity of AMOYH, which caused the war by abusing clone technology, the live on the 6th day began with Warning.

SUPER ★ DRAGON (photographed: Kenichi Sasamori)[拡大]

Nine people show aggressive performances from the beginning, with a number of panels installed on the wall of the stage and a warning sign.Apparently, when Biao Ma, who is likely to hold the key to the story, sounds a long tone vigorously, Reo Shimura shows a dynamic acrobatics and overwhelms Blue (the name of DRAGON fans).In the "LRL -Left Right Left-" where the members are divided between the upper and lower rows of the stage, the penlights that Blue gets on the left and right to the left and right as the members dance with the rust.Combined with the lighting production based on blue, the sense of unity between members and Blue increased at a stretch.

SUPER ★ DRAGON (photographed: Kenichi Sasamori)[拡大]

It was a solo dance tray introduced by members that began with countless character codes in the LED vision.While the members of the members are displayed in order on the screen, each member who is exposed to the spotlights sometimes dynamically, sometimes dynamically, and expressed his personality with all his power."City Noise" was dropped when the contact with Amoyh was finally approaching.The nine dance handy lights in their hands and fantastic coloring the cool tropical house sound.Takeshi Furukawa changed the lyrics to the Blue, which is colored by the performance, saying, "Lead me, Tachikawa!"

SUPER ★ DRAGON (photographed: Kenichi Sasamori)[拡大]

From the left, Reo Shimura, Biao Ikeda, Shibasaki Raku.(Shooting: Kenichi Sasamori) [Expansion]

Nine people have been able to contact the enemy but have been easily captured.In the middle section where the thrilling bargaining has been stopped, "Distance", an organic sound starting with Koki Tanaka's soft singing, and "Rain Nochi Harure", which has a heartfelt melody and a positive message.A warm person was delivered to BLUE.Nine people waving their hands towards the audience, and in a relaxed mode, Takeshi and Biao ma are smiling with free fake and fun harmony.In "Rain Nochi Harure", Kouki turned his part to sing his part to Sosenga Ito, who sits next to him, or Kazuya Matsumura put his hand on the shoulder of Sasu Iijima and gets on the rhythm.Scenes that convey a friendly situation were being developed one after another.

Fire Dragon (Shooting: Kenichi Sasamori) [Expansion]

Thunder Dragon (photography: Kenichi Sasamori) [Expansion]

The nine who sweared, "Let's get out of here soon!" Was re -appeared on the stage after changing the costumes.Takeshi, Jean Kaiwatari, and Kazuya participate in the lyrics, and will resume the live performance powerfully with "X", which includes spador's statements in lyric.The vocals and laps on the truck with the heavy bass resonating were heated, and the nine formation dance emerged in front of the audience with a backlight."Burning in The Nights", which sings the excitement of "before dawn", has a meaningful production that a biao horse sings alone on the sofa on the top of the stage, and has a feeling that the story moves greatly.9 people who did it.After escaping from the enemy's restraint, they decided to "Find AMOYH in two hands" and they were divided into a group unit, Fire Dragon and Thunder Dragon, the fire was "ON My Way", and the Thunder was "Caravan".Performed.

From the left, Jean Kaiwatari, Koki Tanaka, Kazuya Matsumura.(Shooting: Kenichi Sasamori) [Expansion]

Biao Ikeda and Koki Tanaka.(Shooting: Kenichi Sasamori) [Expansion]

In the "Set It Off", where Jean, Koki and Kazuya's 3MC responded to an aggressive rap, the remaining members danced intensely in various places on the stage, and the sense of urgency on the stage reached its peak.Here, nine people finally hunted down Amoyh, and "Amoyh" was the name that called "Hyoma" from the opposite side, and originally AMOYH was involved in cloning development with pure feelings, but someday, I went out of the road and gave clone technology.The end of the story was revealed that he was planning to make it his own.Amoyh's mourning, "Everything is over ..." resounded in the venue, and the live went to the last spurt.In the "Untouchhable Max" where Koki's skillful human beat boxes and the high -speed raps between Jean and Kazuya fueled the enthusiasm, fireworks erupted vigorously from the back of the nine people, and the members were in the outro.Show off the bottom energy in the part.In the following "DragonFly", Takeshi calls out to BLUE, "When we and everyone's energy is over, Tachikawa will be the hottest place in the world!"In response to these words, the fans shake the penlight while synchronizing the movement of the members' dance, and the nine raised a large towel at the end of the song as "Blue".

音楽ナタリー SUPER★DRAGONがツアー最終日にBLUEへ贈った“青い花”「これからも大きな愛で僕らを包んで」

SUPER ★ DRAGON (photographed: Kenichi Sasamori)[拡大]

As the last number of the main story, after a powerful declaration of "MADA 'MADA'" in the loud rock sound, nine people, "SUPER ★ DRAGON!""SUPER ★ DRAGON" was dropped.Biao and Takeshi sang "We change the times", and when nine silhouettes with their right -handed fists strongly emerge in the light, "Thank you our wishes" "Thank you our hope.""The story of" Six Day "ended, and the curtain closed.

SUPER ★ DRAGON (photographed: Kenichi Sasamori)[拡大]

The nine people who ran the live main story non -stop and set their first MC time on this day.In the self -introduction, Raku Shibasaki said about the BLUE during the live, saying, "It looks fun and is more than anything else."Relax.And Kazuya cut out "Six Day", which had a lot of challenges for the group, saying, "We want to change the set list by half, and the staff who responds to it is dangerous."Jean told the staff, "Big Up!"

SUPER ★ DRAGON (photographed: Kenichi Sasamori)[拡大]

"I was doing a distribution live a year ago. I saw BLUE's penlight and it was rising!"He said, "This time, I was involved in the choreography and composition. I think I was able to grow at the age of 20."Takeshi said, "It was a start from the state of the (mobilization) capacity, but I was greeted today without any (Corona) positive people, so I think I have it."I was.

From the left, Jean Kaiwatari, Shibasaki Raku, Takeshi Furukawa.(Shooting: Kenichi Sasamori) [Expansion]

Then, here, Biao's horse cuts out, "I have more time to think deeply about things alone.""When I was thinking," Why do you look back on the past? ", I was worried that I couldn't exceed happy memories. But I realized that it wouldn't make sense to think so.But we can say that we can go beyond such memories. Let's make a lot of happy memories with us. "When he called, he said, "I will sing this song for everyone for the future," and said the title "-tweedia-".

SUPER ★ DRAGON (photographed: Kenichi Sasamori)[拡大]

"-Tweedia-", which was suddenly unveiled, is a ballad that was created mainly on the ideas of Biao Ma.As Biao's words sung for tomorrow's thoughts and warm love, the nine people can convey the messages engraved on the song firmly and straight, so that they are emotional songs and dances.Is expressed.The song name Tou Dia is the name of a blue flower with the flower language of "happy love" and "belief in the heart."According to Takeshi, the ballad of the straight ball, "I dared to have a spadora," and the thoughts of Blue, "It is a gift from us to everyone who wants to walk with hope after 2022."I talked to the audience.

At the end of the song, it will be announced that the 4th album "Force to Forth" will be released on March 23, and Jean says "Our thoughts are so clogged. I am involved in the production."I was inspired.The album also includes a new song called "-Tweedia-" and a new song called "Purple Moon", and "Purple Moon", which will be released on January 12, is 1, 2 of the TBS-based "Yoru no Brunch" featuring Takeshi regularly.The ending theme of the moon was also decided.

"Six Day" tour final.(Shooting: Kenichi Sasamori) [Expansion]

In the last number "SOUL FLAG", which began while BLUE and the members themselves in the future of a lot of future, the members surrounded Kazuya and raised his body, and he was playing professional wrestling.The festival of nine people in the state smiles Blue."I didn't think I could see such a scenery a year ago," said Takeshi, who said his joy on behalf of the members, "This scenery is not natural and I have never felt so grateful. BLUE, always.Thank you. I would be happy if we could wrap us with that great love. I'll return it many times. "

SUPER ★ DRAGON "Six Day" Tachikawa Stage Garden Set List

01.Warning02.LRL -Left Right Left -03.La Vida Loca04.City Noise05.Distance06.Rain Nochi Haru 07.X08.Burning in the nights09.ON MY WAY / Fire Dragon 10.Caravan / Thunder Dragon 11.Set it off12.Untouchhable max13.DragonFly14.MADA 'MADA'15.SUPER ★ DRAGON 16.-Tweedia-17.Soul Flag

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