PC "Mobile Suit Gundam Online" officially released a 64 -bit version of clients!

PC "Mobile Suit Gundam Online" officially released a 64 -bit version of clients!

On October 20th, Bandai Namco Online officially released a 64-bit version of the client for "Mobile Suit Gundam Online", a 100-player simultaneous battle action for PC.

 In addition, distribution of "Balance adjustment of some aircraft" and "DX Gashacon PLAYBACK" and sales of "Gold Haro Ticket Pack" have started.

Below, the release is quoted

Official release of the 64bit client

 The ``Mobile Suit Gundam Online 64bit client'', which was publicly tested from October 8th to October 10th, 2021, will be officially released after today's scheduled maintenance. did.

 According to this, it is not possible to play on 32bit OS and 32bit clients. In addition, some changes have been made to the operating environment.

 For the operating environment after the change, please see the basic information of the game.


If you have already installed the client, or if you want to install the new client from "BNO Launcher", install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package Update 3", and setup of "Microsoft DirectX End User Runtime".

After the official release of the 64-bit version of the client, you will not be able to play with a 32-bit OS and a 32-bit version of the client. If you are using the corresponding OS, you will need to upgrade your Windows OS to a 64-bit version.

"Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package Update 3" Download Page


"Microsoft DirectX End User Runtime" Download Page


Mobile Suit Gundam Online Game Basic Information


PC Mobile Suit Gundam Online 64-bit client officially released!

"64bit version client official release" details page


Balance adjustment of some aircraft and increased appearance rate of blueprint packs

The balance of some aircraft was adjusted during regular maintenance on October 20, 2021. Please see the official website for details. Here, only the aircraft names that have been adjusted are shown.

[ORDER] Gundam Mk-II / Jegan (Echoes) Conroy machine[REBELLION] Qubeley Mk-II / Gila Zulu (Angelo machine)

"Balance Adjustments for Some Units" Details Page


Distribution of DX Gashacon PLAYBACK started

The distribution of "DX Gashacon PLAYBACK" has started. The gold blueprint of the aircraft picked up in 110 plays will appear with confirmation.

 In addition to "DX Gashacon Ticket" and "Banacoin", you can also play with "DX Gashacon PLAYBACK Ticket" that can be obtained as a reward for extra activities starting today.

In addition, if you use 11 plays 3 times with BC only, you can use 1 11 plays immediately afterward for free.

Distribution period

From the end of regular maintenance on October 20, 2021 to the start of regular maintenance on October 27, 2021

Pickup aircraft

[ORDER]: Strike Noir Gundam[REBELLION]: Gundam Virtue

"DX Gashacon PLAYBACK" detail page


DX Gashacon TRI STARS campaign is underway

The "DX Gashacon TRI STARS campaign" has been held since this regular maintenance. During the period, if you use the following 11 plays of DX Gashacon 3 times with only Banacoins, you can play the 11 plays immediately afterward at a discounted service price of 3000BC.

Target Gashacon

DX Gashacon VOL.94 11 plays


October 20, 2021 after regular maintenance to October 27, 2021 before regular maintenance

"DX Gashacon TRI STARS Campaign" Details Page


Gold Halo Ticket Pack Sale

 We have started selling the "Gold Halo Ticket Pack" which is a set of "Gold Halo Ticket".

A set of "Gold Haro Ticket: 1", "Airframe Warehouse Expansion Ticket: 10", "Deck Cost Expansion Ticket: 10", "Custom Kit: 10", and "Master Mechanic Ticket: 15" It's a great pack.

 Purchase is limited to once per pilot.

Sales period

From the end of regular maintenance on October 20, 2021 to the start of regular maintenance on November 10, 2021

Item Name/Price

Gold Haro Ticket Pack/Price: 5000BC (Up to 1 time per pilot)

"Gold Haro Ticket Pack" details page


[Game Information]

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