Windows 11 -equipped PC manufacturers' year -end sales of each PC manufacturer are finally in full swing

Windows 11 -equipped PC manufacturers' year -end sales of each PC manufacturer are finally in full swing

 Nippon Microsoft Co., Ltd. held a reporter briefing entitled "Windows 11 Modern Lifestyle," and introduced measures and initiatives for the company and PC maker partners for year -end sales.

 At the beginning, Yohei Takeuchi greeted the company's executive officer of the Consumer Business Division.Corona's evil has increased the number of opportunities for individuals such as remote work and remote lessons, and the opportunity for users to touch PCs has increased by about 30 % compared to before.He explained that Windows 11 has appeared as an OS that can easily find necessary information and quickly access as an OS that can easily find necessary information in accordance with these changes in lifestyles.

 Specifically, a function that makes it easier to make multi -tasks, such as proposing multiple windows snaps according to the display and creating materials while referring to information, easy access to news and latest information by widgets, TEAMS.The company cited seamless communication between companies and families due to integration, and comfortable game environments with technical support such as AutoHDR and DirectStorage.

 In addition, along with Windows 11, we have launched the Office 2021 and Xbox Game Pass Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta, and appealed that the latest environment for both work and private.

Xbox Game PassにおけるXbox Cloud Gamingベータの提供開始

 Among them, we have started initiatives for the year -end sales, such as a corner where you can experience the latest Windows 11 -equipped PC at electronics retailers.Along with PC maker partners, we will raise awareness through campaigns and promotions.

店頭でのWindows 11体験機会の増加Microsoft自身もスタジオを抱え、オンライン接客を行なっているという

Windows 11搭載PCメーカー各社の年末商戦がいよいよ本格化

 Dynabook Co., Ltd. 15.The 6 -inch "Dynabook C" series is set as the mainstay.This product is equipped with "AI noise canceller", which can eliminate sudden noise such as chimes and construction sounds, making it ideal for remote communication.As a campaign, "Dynabook Campaign if you use Windows 11" is developed.By purchasing and applying for the target Dynabook, the Quo Card Pay will be 100,000 yen for 10 people by lottery, and 1,000 people will receive 1,000 yen for 1,000 yen for 1,000 people.

dynabook Cの特徴Dynabookが実施するキャンペーン

 Dell Technologies Co., Ltd. 13.Appeal 3 type "Inspiron 13".The feature is the "Dell Mobile Connect" function that can be linked with a 4 -sided narrow frame QHD+display at 16:10, a web camera with a physical shutter, and a smartphone.As a campaign, in addition to selling instant delivery models at a low price, a campaign will be held to win a lottery for buyers.The details of the campaign will be announced on SNS on December 9th.

Inspiron 13の特徴デルが展開するキャンペーン

 Japan HP Co., Ltd. shall use "HP ENVY X360 13-BD" as the mainstay of winter sales.Increased security, such as "HP Sure View", a peeping prevention filter function, a switch that allows you to physically turn on/off, microphone mute switches, and fingerprint sensors.The campaign is to provide ENVY users the Adobe Creative Cloud for a month free use right.

HP ENVY x360 13-bdの特徴日本HPのキャンペーン展開

 Fujitsu Client Computing Co., Ltd. recommends "FMV Lifebook UH90/F3".13.It was convenient to have a variety of interfaces such as wired LAN and SD card slot, AI noise canceling, and smartphone camera transfer, as well as type 3 type 3 type 3.As a campaign, the transfer kit (cross LAN cable, USB memory (32GB), manual) will be distributed as a campaign, and a "consultation desk for personal computer transfer" is opened, and the worries of the user's worries about the transition.I would like to respond to consultation.

世界最軽量のFMV LIFEBOOK UH90/F3Windows 11への移行を支援する「トリプルアシストキャンペーン」

 NEC Personal Computer Co., Ltd. dares to be 13 based on the fact that "home mobile" is increasing..15 even 3.Appeal the 14 -inch "Lavie N14" that is not a 6 -inch type.It features a "meeting function" and a keyboard that is easy to hit with a lift -up hinge.As a campaign, we will develop commercials and advertisements that adopt popular talents targeting the Z generation.

LAVIE N14Z世代に向けたプロモーションで人気タレント採用

 Lenovo Japan Co., Ltd. appeals "IDEAPAD DUET 350i" for students.It can be used as a tablet and can be used as a tablet, and it is about 874 g of about 874g when combined with the keyboard, and it can be taken with digital pens.As a promotion, the YOGA series will develop the virtual model "IMMA".

IdeaPad Duet 350iは学生にちょうどいいというレノボのキャンペーン

 Finally, Microsoft himself has strengthened its efforts for students and develops large -scale campaigns, collaborating with Benesse, uses PC more fun, and how PCs use it useful for life, and teachers.He decided to develop content such as "Music Video Making Night" that collaborated with.