"Windows 11", to introduce a timer that can concentrate on work by playing Spotify

"Windows 11", to introduce a timer that can concentrate on work by playing Spotify

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2021-08-10 12:16

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  •  Microsoft revealed another new feature of Windows 11 on August 5, US time.It is called "Focus Sessions" that refuses things that are distracted and can concentrate on completing the work.

    「Windows 11」、Spotifyを流して仕事に集中できるタイマーを導入へ

     In this new function, you can select a work such as "Weekly report finish", select a "Spotify" playlist, and set the timer.

     Considering the Microsoft initiatives for hybrid work, it is not surprising that not only coordination between Windows 11 and Office 365, but also the integration with the song streaming service Spotify in FOCUS Sessions.

     Panos Panay, the Chief of Microsoft's highest product (CPO), announced in a tweet of Focus Sessions, saying, "This is a game changer, especially in cooperation with Spotify."

     The information of Focus Sessions is not listed in the latest preview release notes, so it is expected to be installed in future previews.

     With the addition of a new widget "Family" in the current preview version, users have been able to check recent activities by members of the Microsoft Family Group.

     The build is based on the previous preview version with the "Microsoft Teams" chat button on Windows 11, and displays a notification badge on the chat icon on the taskbar.This function is provided in step.

     In addition, the "Identify" button under "Display Settings" has been transferred under the control of the monitor arrangement in this update.

     In the "File Explorer", the context menu is more compact, and the "New" button on the command bar is modified.

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