[Super introductory] Understand virtual space metavers from zero

[Super introductory] Understand virtual space metavers from zero

Since Facebook renamed and became META, I often heard the word metaharthrus in late 2021.

Since the Corona's evil, remote communication around the world has become commonplace, and Big Tech, representing GAFA, has announced that it has entered metabers as an evolution of video communication.

What is close to metavers often found in the world of movies is "Summer Wars", "Dragon and Born Princess", and Sword Art Online.There is a matrix without saying that it is an overseas movie.It may be 2022 that Metaverse, a fictional world of movies, has finally begun to penetrate into the real world.

Although it is a meta spring that seems to cause a boom in the future, it is not surprising that it is not the latest word, and the concept is old.

We have summarized the information of "Metaverse as basic knowledge" that you should know what the world is aiming for than not knowing.

What is a meta spring?

Difference between VR and meta spring

The background of the excitement of the meta frustration

Specific examples of metavers

Summary of metavers

What is a meta spring?

What is a meta spring?、インターネット上の仮想空間のことを指す意味で使われることが多く、その仮想空間でユーザー同士がコミュニケーションを取ることができるのが特徴です。

Metavers is a coined word, which is a combination of meta (exceeding) and universe (universe), and in the science fiction novel "Snow Crush" announced in 1992, the real 3D building and the real thing to meet in a virtual environment.It is said that he picked up a large avatar and created the word metaberse.

What is currently called metaharas is Horizon Workrooms, Mesh for Microsoft, which can be experienced in games such as Nintendo's "Atsumare Animal Craft", Epic Games's "Fort Knight", Microsoft's "Minecraft", and Meta developed Oculus Quest.It is classified as two metahabus that can be used for the Teams business.

Difference between VR and meta spring

The Horizon Workrooms, which can be experienced with VR device Oculus Quest, is a meta spring, but metavers and VRs are often confused.However, it is easy to understand if you think like this.Let's take Meta's Horizon Workrooms as an example.

The VR device Oculus Quest is the hardware that Horizon Workrooms is made of software and the hardware you need to experience it.There are various words such as meta and metaharas, but simply speaking, it is only the difference between hard and software.

Metaverse is a virtual world made by utilizing VR technology.

Background that metavers has been attracting attention

In 2022, you may hear that you can hear the octopus in your ears (although it may not happen ...), but what is amazing about Metaverse?

For those who are in their thirties, second life (I'm still doing a service!) You may be recognized as a very easy -to -use meta spring.The online game FF14 is also a metaoverer that is acclaimed.


Metaverse has been attracting attention these days because the influence of the new Corona has become prolonged, the movement of people around the world has been restricted, and online communication has become commonplace.It is said that it is becoming mainstream.

It was normal to talk with a microphone through online games such as PS4 / PS5 and Nintendo Switch, and both business and entertainment had an environment where online communication was essential.

Metaverse will make the virtual space more realistic by making the world of virtual space as a place for communication, as well as video calls and voice calls.

Metaverse is to further accelerate the communication of the Internet.

Specific examples of metavers

Meta "Horizon Workrooms"

Horizon Workrooms, where people gather and work in VR space, is a space where up to 16 people gather in VR space.The built -in virtual room can be freely changed, and you can build an environment that can be used for work, such as discussions and presentations using whiteboards while using controllers.

A meeting at Horizon Workrooms is more realistic than a video conference.It seems that the hurdle to experience is low because it is integrated with ZOOM, even if there is no VR headset, it can participate in the virtual room by video calls.

Microsoft "Mesh for Microsoft Teams"

Microsoft's metaarthus space is Mesh for Microsoft Teams, which extends the remote collaboration tool Teams.

Mesh for Microsoft Teams is an expanded MR platform Microsoft Mesh to Teams, allowing you to share collaboration and holographics in metabers virtual spaces.Microsoft is so enthusiastic that Mesh for Microsoft Teams is described as "Metaverse Entrance".

Microsoft has long been focusing on the Mixed Reality (MR) area, which seems to have been a metabers product."Mesh for Microsoft Teams" has not yet been released, and will be available in 2022.

For the technical commentary, the post by Microsoft Customer Success Manager posted in Qiita is helpful.

EPIC GAMES "Fort Night"

Fort Knight, released by Epic Games, is a popular battle game worldwide.

............... Currently, not only fighting in Battrois, but also more ways to communicate in modes such as hide -and -seek and athletic are increasing.

In 2020, a live performance of Ariana Grande and Genshi Yonezu was held on Fortnight, and in 2021, the sound wave of a virtual music event featuring Gen Hoshino started.It is said to be the favorite of Metaverse because it shows not only the game but also the service development as a metaarth space.

Fort night can be played for free for free, so it is recommended to download it once and try it.

Linden Lab "Second Life"

The second life developed by Linden Lab is a meta spring launched as a pioneer in a virtual space, and is the oldest service introduced here.

What you can do with the second life that has become a metavers is the meaning of living in the virtual world, such as wearing virtual space avatars, stuck in clubs, and purchasing digital real estate.

In 2019, he announced a partnership with the remittance company Tilia to strengthen the virtual economy.It is still in operation as of 2022.I never thought that the second life, which was launched 18 years ago, will be exposed to the sun now.

The Sandbox

THE SANDBOX, combined with meta spring and blockchain, is a game that uses NFT.

You can operate the characters in a virtual space and play, and it is free to do anything like Minecraft.Characters and items created in The Sandbox can be bought and sold by virtual currency as NFT.

If you do not buy a digital real estate Land in the game, you will not be able to play THE SANDBOX, but you can use the characteristics of blockchain and NFT, such as lending a limited number of Lands to earn digital real estate income.Most recently, Samsung, a Korean company, has invested and is a metavers NFT game that is looking forward to the future.

Virtual Shibuya

The Virtual Shibuya is the other Shibuya, which is developed in a digital space created under a digital city plan jointly launched by au and Shibuya Ward.

A virtual space is prepared mainly at the scrambled intersection in Shibuya, so you can move to "Virtual Harajuku".

At the same time, you can communicate with others who are logging in, and you can experience the vicinity of Shibuya in a virtual space like a game.

Summary of metavers

Virtual spaces are being created in various forms, such as work, games, and metavers that live in virtual spaces.

In Japan, I feel the momentum of 2022 in 2022, such as developing a virtual Shibuya, which reproduces Shibuya in a virtual space.

If you are fulfilling, you don't need to spend in a virtual space, but once you experience a meta spring as a trend, you may not be able to get out.