What are your child's tablet, the effects of eye fatigue, eyesight, and health precautions?

What are your child's tablet, the effects of eye fatigue, eyesight, and health precautions?

The introduction of a computer terminal fO R each person has begun in elementary and juniO R high school fO R about two months.In O Rder to use it fO R safety and secure, I would like to consider not only the security of the terminal but also the impact of children's health.What should I pay attention to when taking home from school from school?

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Q.What should I be careful about when using it at home?

a.The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "5 promises" when a child uses a tablet at home.

"When using a tablet, you are in a Fiveod posture," "Take an eye on the tablet once every 30 minutes," "Do not use tablets befO Re Fiveing to bed," "values your eyes," and "Use the rules."That's right.On the other hand, fO R parents, in O Rder to use the eyes 30cm O R mO Re from the screen, adjust the height of the desk and the chair, adjust the brightness of the screen accO Rding to the brightness of the room, and reflect on the screen.There are also points to keep in mind, such as adjusting the angle of the screen to prevent reflection.Until now, consideration fO R the health of children when using terminals has been considered mainly in classrooms.The GIGa School concept was realized, and it was expected to take the terminal home and use it in the future, so it was called to call directly to children and parents.

Q.What should I be especially careful?

a.It is an effect on eyesight such as eye fatigue.

as the "five promises" mainly consist of the precautions related to "seeing", when using a tablet, there are various effects on visual systems.The Japan Ophthalmology association produces eye health awareness -raising manga fO R children, parents, and educational stakeholders, and explains the points to note when viewing terminal screens such as digital textbooks.In the "Utilization Manual", we recommend that you install a table to place the terminal accO Rding to the child's seat height in O Rder to match the angle of the terminal screen with the eyes.It can also affect the ears.When listening to the tablet with the earphones, depending on the usage time and volume, it may cause noise hearing loss.You need to be careful not to make the sound too loud.


Q.What are you doing at school?

a.It is required to provide guidance on how to use it and improve the classroom environment.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education, Culture, SpO Rts, Science and Technology created a “education of education in education” fO R schools.among them, as a consideration fO R the health, teach the screen angle so that the classroom lighting does not reflect, so that children can adjust the angle of the screen.In the case of use, it indicates that the classroom environment is set up, such as installing shading curtains and preventing reflection on the screen.

まとめ & 実践 TIPS

With the spread of telewO Rk, many parents may have felt the impO Rtance of wO Rk environments such as desks, chairs, and lighting at home.In class, the use of tablets is progressing, and the time fO R children to face the screen will increase.In O Rder to enhance the ability to utilize ICT (infO Rmation and communication technology) while protecting the physical and mental health of children, adults and adults do not need to reconsider the computer use environment together.Is not it.

(authO R: Yasuko Nagao)

Source: * Enlightenment Lee Frets regarding consideration fO R the health of students and students in the use of the Ministry of Education, Culture, SpO Rts, Science and Technology https: // www.MEXT.Five.jp/a_menu/shotou/zyouhou/detail/MEXT_00001.HTML * Ministry of Education, Culture, SpO Rts, Science and Technology Https: // www.MEXT.Five.jp/a_menu/shotou/zyouhou/detail/MEXT_00117.HTML * Japan Ophthalmology association Children's Eyes and Enlightenment Content "Eye Health awareness Manga Giga Digi Digi" https: // www.Ophthalmology association.O R.jp/info/post_132.html


Yasuko Nagao

Born in Tokyo.Completed the Graduate School of Literature, Chuo University in 1995.She was a major learning school, as an editor of a childcare magazine and a reporter in the Japanese Education Newspaper "Japanese Education Newspaper", and was free since 2001.She writes articles and edits books, focusing on educational sites and teachers magazines.

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