What you can do with the Amazon Prime benefits -Is it worth paying a membership fee?

What you can do with the Amazon Prime benefits -Is it worth paying a membership fee?

Various benefits are provided to Amazon Prime members

Explanation of Amazon Prime membership fee (fee)

Amazon prime membership fee is 4,900 yen per year or 500 yen per month.Prime Student for students is 2,450 yen per year or 250 yen per month.

30 days free trial is possible

For those who have not joined Amazon Prime, "Amazon Prime Free Experience" is prepared.If you register for a free trial, you can receive the same benefits as paid members for 30 days.

If you cancel within the experience period, no matter how much benefits you use, you will be canceled after 30 days.Please note that if you do not cancel during the free period, you will be automatically upgraded to the paid member plan.

PRIME STUDENT subscription conditions and membership fee

"Prime Student", a student service, can be used for 2,450 yen per year or 250 yen per month, half price of ordinary Amazon prime.It can be used for free for six months after registration, and provides Prime Student -only benefits.

In order to register for Prime Student, you have a valid school number in Japan, graduate school, junior colleges, vocational schools, or vocational schools (high school students are not eligible).There are several conditions, such as the consent of parents.

How to pay the membership fee (fee)

You can choose the following methods for paying Amazon Prime membership fees.You can pay without a credit card.

Amazon Prime benefits, 15 types provided to members

Amazon Prime members will provide the 15 types of benefits below.You can enjoy a wide variety of benefits, such as free delivery, sale special treatment, family services, video and music streaming services.

Let's explain each benefit.

Free shipping, hurry flights and delivery date and time specified flights

On Amazon, if the total order amount is less than 2,000 yen, the delivery fee of 410 yen or 450 yen for normal delivery, 510 yen or 550 yen for hurry and delivery date and time.However, if you become a prime member, these shipping costs will be free, regardless of order amount.

Amazonプライムの特典でお得にできること - 会費を払う価値はある?

People who often shop on Amazon or use urgent flights will benefit considerably.However, some "Makeples in a hurry" are charged even if they are prime members.

Prime Member -only preceding time sale

Of the popular "time sale" in Amazon, products that are displayed as "Prime Member -only preceding time sale" can be purchased only by Prime members for the first 30 minutes.In particular, popular products can be sold out quickly in limited time sale, but prime members are more likely to get.

Prime limited price

If you are a prime member, you can purchase some target products at a prime limited price discounted than the regular price.Depending on the product, it may be greatly discounted.Of course, the shipping fee is free, so the price is even higher.

Free handling fee for specially handled products

"Specially handled products" are products that require special handling at the time of delivery, such as large size and weight.When unregistered members purchase special products in prime, a handling fee of 350 yen will be charged separately from the shipping fee.However, if you are a prime member, the handling fee for some specially handled products will be free.

Amazon Net Super (Amazon Fresh, Life, Barrow)

"Amazon Net Super" is a service that allows only Amazon Prime members to buy fresh food, frozen products, dairy products, daily necessities, etc.

Some areas in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba prefectures are "Amazon Fresh", Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo prefectures are "Food Super Life", Aichi.In some parts of the prefecture, you can purchase it at the "Supermarket Barrow" net supermarket.

In the case of "Amazon Fresh", the minimum order amount per time is 4,000 yen or more, and if you purchase more than 10,000 yen, it will be free shipping.The minimum order amount of "Life" and "Barrow" is 2,000 yen or more, and it is free shipping for 8,000 yen or more.

Prime Try Before You Buy (formerly Prime Wardrobe)

"PRIME TRY BEFORE YOU BUY" is an Amazon Prime member -only service that allows you to try on target products such as clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories before purchasing.You can try up to 6 points for up to 7 days from the day after delivery.It is a mechanism that pays the product that has been purchased after trying on and returns unnecessary items, and is free for both delivery and return fees.

Previously, it was called "Prime Wardrobe", but the service name was changed to "Prime Try Before You Buy" from October 12, 2021.

Some benefits for family members

In addition to the person, Prime Members can add up to two family members as "family members" and share the following benefits:

At the time of writing, you cannot add family members from Amazon apps and websites for smartphones.It is necessary to switch the display to the desktop website in the smartphone browser or access it from a PC.

15%discount on baby diapers and wipes, etc.

For Prime members, diapers and wipes will always be 15%off on a regular basis.However, Amazon Prime Family members are not eligible for the benefits, so they need to purchase them with their own accounts.

All -you -can -see for the target content of PRIME VIDEO for free

"PRIME VIDEO" is a video distribution service that allows you to enjoy many movies, anime, and dramas on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and anywhere.If you are a prime member, you can watch the target content without additional charges.The benefits are only for prime members in Japan.

PRIME VIDEO channel can be contracted

"PRIME VIDEO Channel" is a service that allows you to see the content of your favorite channel at a monthly flat rate.The name is similar to "Prime Video", but the PRIME VIDEO channel is a "paid service" that can be contracted as a prime member.

A wide variety of channels such as movies, TV programs, animation, sports, news, documentary, variety, etc. are prepared, and registering can be viewed by registering.The monthly fee is 217 to 2,178 yen, depending on the channel.Most channels have a free trial period.

Unlimited listening to Amazon Music Prime for free

This is a music streaming service where you can enjoy 2 million songs, albums, and more than 1000 kinds of playlists without an additional fee for Prime members.It can be used with the "Amazon Music" app, the Amazon Echo series, and the device equipped with Alexa.Previously, the name "Prime Music" was changed to the service name "Amazon Music Prime" from May 2021.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a discount

"Amazon Music Unlimited" is an unlimited music listening service that allows you to enjoy 75 million songs, playlists, and stations by paying monthly fees.We also distribute loseless sound sources, high -resolution sound sources, and spatial audio.

The regular price of a personal plan is 980 yen per month, but for prime members, a discount price of 780 yen per month is applied.If you apply for the first time, you can experience it for free for 30 days.The "family plan", which can be used up to 6 people, is 1480 yen per month regardless of whether it is a prime member.

If you upgrade to "Amazon Music Unlimited" from the iOS version "Amazon Music" app, even if you are a prime member, it will be "1,080 yen per month", so if you want to upgrade, do it from the official website of Amazon Music Unlimited.。

Amazon Photos is free and unlimited photo capacity

"Amazon Photos" is an online storage service that allows you to save the photo with no additional charge, with no additional charge, with no additional charge (up to 5GB).You can back up, organize and share all photos and videos from smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and if you are a prime member, you can invite up to five members to organize photos or search by keywords.

All -you -can -read Kindle books for the target in Prime Reading

"Prime Reading" is a service that allows you to read the target Kindle book (e -book) at no extra charge.You can enjoy e -books of a wide range of genres such as magazines, novels, business books, practical books, manga, and foreign books on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Kindle devices.

Providing free games with Prime Gaming

"PRIME GAMING" is a free game, in -game benefits, and Twitch by linking the Twitch and Amazon account when Amazon Prime members use the live streaming distribution service "Twitch"..It is a service where you can get one free channel registration on TV.

On the next page, we will consider whether Amazon Prime members are really advantageous.