Softbank's "ARM selling", where business good luck boosts, is the buyer?

Softbank's "ARM selling", where business good luck boosts, is the buyer?

On July 18, 2016, the SoftBank Group <9984> has begun to sell or listen to the company for four years after acquiring the British semiconductor design giant Arm Holdings (ARM).Currently, ARM's Kigyo Kachi [Corporate Value] Calculation of Corporate value is the annual purchase law, DCF....


ARM's Kigyo Kachi [Corporate value] Calculation of corporate value is the annual purchase method, DCF...→続きを見る">企業価値を押し上げた「二つの好機」

Behind this was two good luck.One is that the new colon virus infections have been restricted or regulated around the world due to the global trends, and demand for remote work, remote classes, video calls, etc. has increased rapidly, and the semiconductor market has been strong.。

ビジネス 幸運が後押しするソフトバンクの「ARM売り」、買い手はどこ?

Another is that Apple has announced that it will fully shift to the Apple Silicon, a proprietary CPU designed by ARM on its own brand's PC "Mac Series".According to US research companies Net Applications, as of June 2020, the Windows OS (basic software) machine has 86 share in the world computer market..69 % is overwhelmingly strong, and the share of MacOS machines is 9.It is 22 % and less than one -ninth.

Even so, the only thing that cannot be ignored is that there is only one MacOS machine manufacturer.On the other hand, there are more than 30 Windows OS machines that can be purchased in Japan alone.In terms of the production volume per company, Apple is a very large.The circumstances around this are the same as the "iPhone" relationship with an Android OS device on a smartphone and the only iPhone with iOS.In other words, being able to monopolize Apple's CPU is a great plus to ARM's performance.

Without these two "luck", the Calculator of ARM's Kigyo Kachi [Corporate value] is the annual purchase law, DCF....