The gaming chair between Don Quijote and Seki furniture costs 20,000 yen.The source of cheap and high performance is the philosophy that leads to the Donki roots "Thief Market".And anger as a furniture store

The gaming chair between Don Quijote and Seki furniture costs 20,000 yen.The source of cheap and high performance is the philosophy that leads to the Donki roots "Thief Market".And anger as a furniture store

 Don Quijote enters the gaming furniture industry.It is the best Seki furniture in Japan in the furniture wholesale industry to make products handled.


 Donki, a general discount shop, has tagged with the Gaming Gear brand "Contieaks-" (hereinafter, Contiks).

 This is a pretty big deal.Miss Yusuke came to the Tokyo Showroom of Seki Furniture to get the content of the collaboration.

* Interviews are thoroughly taken after infection measures, and the mask is removed only when shooting.


Far from scratch, make from zero

I heard that Don Quijote would enter the game industry, and I thought it was like this.I want you to see it a little.

Gaming Dompen -kun.

Don't do that.

It looks like a boss character that can not be damaged unless you defeat it from the round guy at both ends.

 Many people think of "gaming ○○" and think of LED -glittering visuals.I think it would be cute if Donpen would wear LEDs, but it doesn't seem to have shining goods so far.

 The name of the gaming furniture brand by Don Quijote and Seki furniture is "Produced by Contieaks".I was shown for the time being to develop from the gaming chair.

 Gaming chairs are more functional than general office chairs, and the market without ottoman is about 30 to 40,000 yen.To be clear, it's not cheap, but Don Quijote will surprise you.

 Because the catch phrase is the "amazing Hall of Fame".I wrote that it was surprisingly cheap and was surprised.I am full of confidence to make new words to replace cheap.

27,000-28,000 yen with ottoman?



 Based on a product of about 30,000 yen, a chair with another mechanism is a little 20,000 yen including tax.Isn't the space -time twisted?

The price was decided from the beginning.It's absolutely less than 20,000 yen.It was the start to sell high -spec models at that price.

Isn't it designed according to the price?It was a good feeling, but Mr. Noda said, "This is no good."The main request is

In fact, jersey fabric is more expensive than synthetic leather.There is only an element that raises the price.

Here is also a “cut less than 200,000 yen”.It's a demon.

But if I did my best with two companies, I could make it.

Too rapid development.Even the climax of the anime will step on it.

 You can't make the chairs that Noda wants just by gathering something.It is necessary to put the concept of frame structure and material once beside it and make it from Ichi.

 What kind of tricks did Seki furniture use?

I have been looking for a new factory.

On the contrary, it was from zero.

We had a Chinese factory worked hard."If you cut here, it will be cheaper."

The person in the factory would have said "Ayer".

 It is a straightforward method.Is there such a power.

 It is not such a level, such as "organizing the production line to improve efficiency".With the ingenuity, we eventually created a chair of "level that is comparable to sell for 25,000 yen to 30,000 yen (Yamamoto -san talk)".

 Don Quijote's Noda didn't want to imagine it was just a cheap grade product.It can be said that the spartan way of doing it was established because the trading partner is a track record of Seki furniture.

 By the way, there is one simple question.Even though the internal structure and materials are changed, can it be more than 10,000 yen?I feel like the rank as a product is going down.


I was prepared to compromise somewhere when I put "PRODUCED BY CONTIEAKS" in 20,000 yen.When I fix it using the appropriate grade material while worrying, "What should I do?"

Don't get rid of it.

 However, it seems that price negotiations were still difficult.Although they trust each other, both sides need to aim for maximum profits.That is a business.

I was struck by the enthusiasm of Seki furniture here.


I understand that Don Quijote is strict about the price.

 Of course, there are parts that do not use the usual "Contiks" in terms of specifications.However, it is a level that you do not care about usually sitting.There is no discomfort even if I use another gaming chair at home.

 I am undertaking this article because I am "because I am familiar with gaming chairs", is that okay?I'm worried, so I'll take a break.

Some people lie down during the interview.

If you have an ottoman (foot -standing), you can stretch your body.


After all there is a demon here.

We sell desks and racks at the same price range.The desk is 19900 yen [excluding tax], and the shelf (shelf) is 10,000 yen [excluding tax].

The width is slightly smaller 89cm.A normal gaming desk is about 120cm, but if you use a laptop or work at home, it would be better to be compact.

 A slightly smaller -sized desk is true in combination with a shelf.It can be fixed to the top plate or placed next to it.It can also be installed to expand the depth with the desk with the desk.

I wonder if the main items are available.We are considering additional lineups.Is it a wagon accompanying the desk, or a cushion with a completely different approach?I think another item bears the name of "Contiks" is fine.

I intend to handle everything in the “home”, so I can respond to anything.

The defensive range like Ichiro during the heyday.

If the box is small, the price will be cheaper

There are important points for reducing prices.



 The gaming chair is quite large.Thus, the box was quite large, but "Produced by Contieaks" was about 1-2 times smaller than the standard box.


 I didn't care much, but I had to convince me, "Sure!"

How do you pack small?

There are many structures that are backed by gaming chairs and wrap like a car seat.If the angle is too narrow, a large person will not enter, and if it is too wide, there is no hold feeling.I adjusted the salt and plum well and brought it to a flat as much as possible.Then you can make the box thin.

The caster part is also devised.The 5 -legged spoke is about 69-70cm in width if it is a finished product.If that doesn't fit well, I'm replacing it with an assembly type.The cost is a little increased, but you can cancel by saving transportation costs.

Corporate efforts.

Now the price of steel is rising worldwide.Don Quijote's sales power was great that the price was negotiated until the last minute.I want you to sell this much (on the factory side).

I'm not particularly overwhelmed, and I think it can be digested properly.I like things.

I see.I was able to understand because there was a promise of large amounts.I thought, "It's just a subcontracting bullying to the factory side."

If you have such a social problem, you cannot publish this article.

 Don Quijote has about 400 stores in Japan.First of all, it seems that there are plans to expand the sales channels while watching the situation at about 100 stores.

 I'm afraid to buy furniture by mail order, so I think many people want to see them first.It can be said that Don Quijote has become about 100 showrooms due to this initiative.

 And Mr. Noda praised the small size of the box from the perspective of the sales side.

Don Quijote's buying place (a sales floor in general) is compressed and displayed, so it is grateful to have a compact design.The size is almost the same as the furniture of the store.It's nice to be able to get into a 90cm gondola.

I've never heard of a praise for the product, "It's so comfortable."


 The small size of the box is a great advantage for the buyer.The big gaming chair will be delivered at most shops at a later date, but the box of "PRODUCED BY CONTIEAKS" is a size that can be used in mini car trunks.


A 24 -hour store can also respond to the needs that "I suddenly wanted a gaming chair in the middle of the night".

 We can buy gaming chairs like a convenience store.Because the box is small, it is easy to carry from the entrance and can be assembled immediately.

 The catch phrase, "Can you fight 24 hours a day", which was popular in the past, was a question?

 When the contraindicated thing is lifted, people are wrapped in a great sense of excitement.I was so excited to forget the tsukkomi, "Is there such a person?"

You can win the gaming chair RTA (real -time attack).

I would like you to add it to the competition title with the next RTA in Japan ( *).

* RTA IN JAPAN: Japan's largest real -time attack event that competes for games clear time (actual time).

Don Quijote has no image of "high -quality furniture"


Did Don Quijote sell furniture in the first place?It's a party goods shop.

wrong.No, I'm proud of party goods.

What are the best -selling party goods this year?

There are various new products, but after all the standard things are strong.

You don't have to deepen party goods.

 Don Quijote's catch phrase is the "amazing Hall of Fame".On the other hand, the image of personal furniture is "furniture shop that sells good furniture at a slightly higher price."

 I think Don Quijote is too strong for Don Quijote to say rude.He was a mismatch or batting, or just felt uncomfortable.

That's there.

Do you have no high quality image for Don Quijote?

Is it okay to stop distracting us naturally?

There are companies that always have their names when they go to buy furniture.For example, Nitori -san.As an interior team, there is certainly a awareness of not being in that option.

To be honest, I think so too.

If you partner with Seki Furniture with a name value in the furniture industry, you can not only "cheap" but also the image that you can buy good things cheaply.I look forward to that.

I think each other has a great benefit.Seki furniture is pink.Because it is a company that has a 19800 yen dining set to a single plate table for 100 million yen.

In terms of sales, the image of Yusuke's "a little good" tends to be ahead, but it actually handles a lot of furniture on the flyer of mass retailers.This measure is to put the know -how that matches the request of such customers into the gaming chair.

 Mr. Noda said, "The interior corner is not in a very good place."

 Even if you come this far, Don Quijote has no image of furniture, but if you say it, you've seen it in the back of the jungle in the store.

go for it!Recall……!

A childhood friend who has lost his memory?

 Don Quijote, which is lined with products in the aisle, is a shop where you can enjoy a treasure hunt while walking inside the store.Many people say that it is fun to go to play and pick it up.

 On the other hand, large furniture is not something to buy and buy impulse."I have a good bed. I just wanted it. Please give me this."If you do, you will be flattened Nakahara in seconds.

 The furniture to go to buy with a purpose is displayed in the back because the customer is actively searching for it.Or simply, did you go through even if you get into your eyes because you don't intend to buy furniture?

Those who realize that furniture is sold to Don Quijote in this article may suddenly be noticeable.I want to make an RPG flag.

"Anger as a furniture store" on the back of both cheap and high performance

 The furniture was sold to Don Quijote, and he could see something invisible.With her clear eyes, she wants to step into another.To be told about the birth of "PRODUCED BY CONTIEAKS".

Before I entered Don Quijote, I was a furniture specialty store.So there was a transaction with Sekiki furniture.

 Seki furniture and Don Quijote were in different industries that they had never touched, but Noda joined the company.He said that he wanted to make e -sports -related products while talking.

 "I wanted to make a low -priced product. Originally," Yamamoto said.

I think it's good to have a wide price range.There are also cheap and selling gaming chairs in the market.I'm really interested in what kind of construction it is, and I'm buying and roses,


Of course, there should be something cheap.However, in the range I investigated, there were some things that were new, but the frame was rusted or was not properly welded.I can't overlook it because it's cheap.It's dangerous if the frame breaks.

Isn't it really angry?

A type that turns anger into power.

So, there are things that I wanted to make at a close price range.I don't think it's not a brand chair, but if you buy "Produced by Contiaks" by Don Quijote, it will be Win-Win-Win.

I want to be careful about the fabric, so I go through the strength test of Buken ( *).It's sad if it fluffs or fades right away.Ultraviolet rays, alkaline, and acidic dirt are applied to less discoloration, friction or wet and hard to be damaged.

* Buken: Boken quality evaluation mechanism.We conduct tests for natural fibers and chemical fiber materials.

 It may be due to social significance that Seki furniture is particular about high quality models.As a person who handles furniture, I would like to use at least a quality product that I can understand.

It's cheap and high quality.If this is popular, will the normal model of "Contiks" stop selling?

I'm a little worried.

Why do you do that?

just kidding.I want you to step up from here.I am confident in both durability and functionality, but I don't think it will be a normal model.The warranty period of "PRODUCED BY CONTIEAKS" is one year (generally one year is a warranty period).If you can choose a model one rank higher when you buy a new one.

The uri of "PRODUCED BY CONTIEAKS" is also compact.It's usually good for games, but if you want to distribute a game, you want to put two PCs, so I want a wide desk.When that happens, I don't think you'll eat each other because you just have to choose Seki Furniture's model.

The origin of Don Quijote is the "Thief Market"

When I heard the story, I checked a little about Don Quijote.This is what I like most when there are many episodes.

Isn't the sense of giving a "thief" on the store name amazing?I never think of it.

The thief market is open until 24:00, even though the convenience store was closed at 23:00.Explained in POP so that you can find products even in a small store.It's something that you do everywhere right now.I guess there was something like the philosophy of providing what I needed at that time without being bound by common sense.

 And one more.

 This is a corporate culture that was widely known on the TV program "Tamori Club".


It's true.For example, Seki furniture puts a business on the store, "How about such a product?"

In fact, you'll talk to your team leader.Still, I think it is much faster (rather than obtaining the approval of the upper layer).

 In addition, if the site says, "I want to discount" PRODUCED BY CONTIEAKS ", I can do it immediately.The speed is amazing.

 "If other stores sell for 500 yen, I would like to cost 450 yen. If you have authority, you can lower it immediately," says Noda.It is efficient for a business.

 "Managing a great person to manage the sale" is the common sense of others.Unless it is against ethics and law, you don't have to be tied to such a thing.I think it's nice to have a trust that "the judgment of the field staff is correct."

 The theme of the above -mentioned "Tamori Club" was "products that were unsold by weird orders."It's also interesting like Don Quijote.


 In short, it's better to change direction as soon as you come up with a better plan.I think that the collaboration has progressed smoothly because the company's climate is similar.

So, is it possible to decide to arrange many gaming devices this season?

of course.Recent home appliances are focusing on mice and keyboards.("PRODUCED BY CONTIEAKS" gaming chair) Green was made at the request of the home appliance team.

yeah?Are you involved in product development as well as purchasing?

There was an order from the home appliance team saying, "I want you to make green because it deals with Razer's products ( *).I was able to add one color by piggybacking on the company's opinion.lucky.

* Green: Razer, a major gaming device maker based in Singapore, has a green image color.

The one that is next to "PRODUCED BY CONTIEAKS" is the possibility of a "gaming learning desk"

 I understand that "Produced by Contieaks" was created as an easy -to -handle entry model.Mr. Noda says, "When playing the game, the minimum lineup is required."

There seems to be a flow of buying a game for games instead of your child's learning desk.With the withdrawal of furniture manufacturers from the study desk market, the number of children studying at desks used by college students seems to be increasing.

Some people want gaming chairs for children."I want to buy a chair and desk because my child has started" Fort Knight ", but I don't know what to choose."

really.Certainly, I want your child to sit on a proper chair.Isn't a desk that can be customized and used after growing?

Gaming learning desk ...

 Mr. Noda muttered to bite his ideas.What is the next move of "PRODUCED BY CONTIEAKS", which develops with a sense of speed and cheapness?I can't help looking forward to it.

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