Obtain the Chinese version of OPPO Find N.I feel romantic in a sense of size that is not too big to fold

Obtain the Chinese version of OPPO Find N.I feel romantic in a sense of size that is not too big to fold

Last year, OPPO's folding smartphone "OPPO Find N", which was announced and released by OPPO, is a unique terminal of a small smartphone, close to a square when expanded, and a small smartphone.

In addition to the beauty of the main unit, from 7699 yuan (about 140,000 yen), as a horizontal folding smartphone, the price range that is easy to reach out, and the price range continues to be short.I purchased it immediately after the release, but it took more than a month to reach it.

The main body color is Hoshiya (black), the end (white), and the floating (purple), and the floating is only 12GB+512GB model.The back of the floating light I got is a very beautiful color that looks whitish and purple depending on the angle.It is a bit disappointing that the fingerprint stands out because it is a glossy finish.

Let's briefly introduce the specifications.

Is OPPO Find N a small smartphone with a small size and weight?

The main screen in the spread is 7.1 inch, 8.4: 9 is close to a square.The closed sub screen is 5.49 inches, the ratio is 18: 9, and the use of the sub screen is likely to progress.

There are many horizontal folding smartphones that I have seen so far, and I feel that it is a little too large for the author, and I have used several models of vertical folding smartphones, but for this size that is not too large.Is in love at first sight.In fact, when I got it, I felt the weight, but I was able to hold it with one hand even if it was closed, even if it was closed.

The screen when expanded is also an impressive thing because there is no fold, and the "zero gap" is impressive.The Galaxy Z Flip35G at hand has a gap when folded, and the folding smartphone is worried about the strength of opening and closing, but Oppo Find N has a folding test 200,000 times, so you can feel confident.You can do it.

The battery capacity is 4500mAh, and it may be somewhat unreasonable for those who use guts, such as always playing games and watching videos on the main screen, but if you use SNS or occasionally take pictures, use it for one day.It was enough.

The individual boxed box containing the body and accessories has a moist texture and has a sense of quality.The elaborate gimmick that protrudes forward when you open the box is truly.

The bundled items are simple with AC adapter, USB cable, SIM removal pin, VIP card, quick start guide and warranty documents.

The case is not bundled, but is included in another box with the same taste as the individual's individual pocket box.It's good to show.The case is composed of two parts, the case for floating is thin gray and the back part has a skin -like sheet.Personally, I felt that it was good that the color was a little purple.

Oppo Find N is only available for China, but was able to select Japanese in the language of the system.In many cases, the terminals for China are often prepared only the minimum necessary languages, so I'm grateful that they support many languages, including Japanese.

As for the character input, you can select Japanese from the hundred -import legal version prepared in the "keyboard and input method", but after using it a little, it seems that it is a little convenient to use, so from the OPPO app store.It is also a good idea to install a Japanese input app.

By the way, what can you do with the main screen of the horizontal folds in a ratio close to a square?

If you select "Main Screen" from "Settings", a tutorial for the main screen function is provided.If you select each item, a more detailed guide and setting items will be displayed.

 OPPO Find Nの中国版を入手。折りたたみなのに大きすぎないサイズ感にロマンを感じる

Similarly, in addition to the main screen, there are various tutorials in the main unit to master Oppo Find N.

On the main screen, in addition to functions such as screen split, flexible window, PC mode, driving mode, dual display, etc., the function that can adjust the display size of the application on the main screen, and the same application on the sub screen when the terminal is folded.There is a function to continue using.

In the screen split, two apps can be displayed on the screen, and the width of the display can be changed.You can also tap the "Other" button in the right corner of the app on the "Recent Task" screen and select a screen split, but it also supports gestures that "swipe down from top with two fingers".increase.It's a very easy and convenient gesture once you remember.You can also drag and drop files between the 2 apps launched in the screen split.It seems that it can be used conveniently when posting a photo of the gallery on SNS.


The PC mode is a mode that is displayed only in the upper half with an angle like a laptop PC.It seems to be convenient, but the only app that is officially compatible is the Chinese video app.

In driving mode, you can use voice control to check the directions and play music.

The dual display allows you to display one app on two screens.It seems that it can be used conveniently when doing research, but the apps that are still supported seem to be limited.

Let's look at the camera.

The camera part on the back is designed to follow the Find series, mainly, super wide -angle, and telephoto.

The front camera is prepared one by one on the main screen and sub screen, and the main screen is mounted on the upper left and the sub screen is in the middle of the upper middle.

The rear camera shooting mode is night view, video, photo, portrait, promotion, panorama, movie, slow motion, out/in simultaneous video shooting, time lapse, text scanner, BREENO scan.

In the movie mode, you can select LOG shooting, which is rare for a smartphone.BREENO scan mode supports barcodes and QR code scanning, translation, recognition of photography, and document scanning.

The shooting with the main camera with 50 million pixels is a method of switching with a 50MP icon on the screen, and the default is off.

The front camera shooting mode is compatible with night views, videos, photos, portraits, panoramas, out/in simultaneous videos, and time lapse.OPPO, which has a reputation for Selfie, has a lot of beauty mode setting items.

In the video mode, both the rear camera and front camera support EIS, and the rear camera is compatible with 4K shooting.

OPPO Find N has several shooting styles unique to folding.In addition to the folding type, it is folded to the desired angle, shooting a self -camera using a sub screen, shooting the same preview on the sub screen when shooting the main screen.can also do.

The wide -angle side of the Oppo Find N camera is 0.The zoom is compatible with 6 times and the telephoto side up to 20 times.However, more than 10 times the impression of digital zoom increases.

In the portrait mode, you can specify the background blur of the background with the F value.The range that can be specified is 0.95 to 16, default value 2.It is 8.You can also use beauty mode and filter.

Recently, every smartphone can be taken neatly, and Oppo Find N has only the Find series and can be taken beautifully without worrying about anything.I think that the condition of the finish such as the color is at the level of the taste difference, so please judge each in the following examples.